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Hey, what's the song under the opening crawl? Sounds so familiar...

It's the main theme from the anime movie "Crusher Joe." Symphonic Suite version, slightly sped up.

That was my guess. Now I gotta go watch Crusher Joe again. Thanks!

Nice! Worth the 5 hours it took to d/l on the dialup!

I am surprised at one thing however, that Mr. Hong didn't make more out of the irony of his getting that press pass at the shrine. Not until the BIG AMERICAN JOURNALISTS (assumed white) stepped in was he sanctioned...the image in my head of this event is very very not P.C. (it involves cowboy hats and boots, American flags, bad accents and slurs such as 'you danged japper-knees')

Also I have to wonder, the people dressed in WW II uniforms. *ARE* they there to worship the dead, or are they just cosplaying in the only venue that's acceptable to their brand of freak-on? I suppose it could be both.

Hmm... I thought I mentioned it was ironic I needed the white Americans to help me out. Beer doesn't help.

Koizumi finally made it on 8/15. Abe?

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