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Holy crap, where did you pull that illo from? Because I'm pretty damn sure that's the Gavanas command ship from Message From Space, and I've never seen this illo!

Well, not that I've seen that many..I totally missed any books that got released back in the day.

Couple odd comments you probably can't do a thing about:

1. For some odd reason, when you post a 'cast and I try to download it, I get only about a 2 meg chunk, roughly 7 minutes. Then I do it again and get the whole thing. When it ties up my phone line for 6 hours or more both times, it gets annoying. It's Alphabet Drake trying to keep the message from me, isn't it?

2. The sign-in forgets me. It didn't used to, but it does now. it's odd.

When I'm not crunk, I'll try and disable the sign in.

Yesh, it's the Gavans mothership. Nothing gets past ol' Steve. It's a bit of concept art from the Message From Space film program...

Sorry to change the subject slightly, but am I the only one really disapointed at the lack of the Japanese version of The Bullet Train on the Sonny Chiba Action Pack?

BCI and Ronin Entertainment have announced plans for an uncut Bullet Train with dual audio:


Patrick, don't change anything on my account, I can move my lazy brain and type my crap in...I don't want you to get raped by spambots. They have DRILL DICKS!

Good news on the uncut Bullet Train, but man, BCI/Navarre has to get on the stick with their reps. Went to Best Buy, looking to see if they were stocking the Sister Streetfighter box, and lo! to them it doesn't exist! So compounding what a pain it was to find on Navarre's own site, retailers don't know it's coming!

Fucktards. It's the failure loop I always talk about. Ultraman gets high profile and stocking, but Sister Streetfighter gets "eh, we'll put it out, maybe someone will buy it" treatment. I WANT IT! I want it in stores!I want shelves PACKED with copies!

*pant pant pant pant* sorry, post-Birthday rage.

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