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Your article was really good. The ideas were clear and you draw a precise panorama of the fansubbing movemment. Here in Brazil things are different, publishers don't pay attention at the fans work and anime are rare...

I think what I have to do now is print this article out and then present it as credentials of my authority in the face of evildoers should the need arise in my nomadic travels. That's how Mito Komon would roll.

Good read, Roccoe.

Your story sure was an expose in why "journalists" (blog or otherwise) are not to be trusted in any way.

Having personally scanned and edited some of the stuff you attribute to that Jonathan guy (who didn't do shit), I know quite a bit more about this stuff than any of the interview victim losers you've found. (Like, right, razor. No one in their right mind does that.)

Great. "Journalists" (blog or otherwise) are not to be trusted in any way. But people who personally scanned and edited a bunch of manga are.

I trust you. And I bet those grapes were sour patch kids, anyways.

I have rather high standards of integrity, if not so very high standards where regard for intellectual property is concerned.

Don't you think _you_ should be worried about representing the world like it is, rather than like how poseurs would have you believe?

In the interest of integrity, I mean.
But of course, throwing in some crowd-pleasing phrases and getting published wins over integrity every time.

To wit: my IP Adress is

Anime may be a commerical product...but you miss one important fact: It is broadcast (with the exception of OVAs) *for free* on TV in Japan. Of course, you must know this, and it is disingenuous of you to gloss over it in your little article.

I have a sexy penis!

"I have rather high standards of integrity, if not so very high standards where regard for intellectual property is concerned."

So what is your personal definiation of integrity? Can I download it using BitTorrent?

And the winner of the No-Prize for Startling Grip on Reality goes to:

"Anime may be a commerical product...but you miss one important fact: It is broadcast (with the exception of OVAs) *for free* on TV in Japan."

Yeah, I really wish I could rewrite the article to point out that programs broadcast on television are, in fact, free. This would have been a real scoop.

Watch out, Patrick, these guys are gunnin' for your job and they've got all the right gadgets!


I kind of understand why you go defensive to such comments, but what I don´t understand is why you won´t give a comment on the obvious, both in quanitity and quality, fact errors. It won´t stay 'your' truth if you ignore it. "Truthiness" is a fitting word for you, Mr. Writer.

I have balls in my mouth, which is why my English blows.

The hell?

Do I smell the stench of the "I want this and I don't care about rules and the law and all that crap I WANT IT and I don't think I should pay for it" going on here?

Watch out, Patrick! The Scanlation Yakuza are going to put you on their doody list for exposing them!

And ANYONE who suggests that Dojin circles should 'put their stuff on the web themselves so it's not so hard and expensive to get' totally and utterly DO NOT understand the purpose, the reason, the very mechanics of just WHY dojinshi are allowed to be published-at least the books based on existing copyrighted material. Somehow I don't seem to ever see anyone getting all hot and bothered over totally original and self published manga.

But man, throw out something with HAWT Kodai x Desslar action...

I'll take time out from my busy schedule to address the somewhat ambiguous issue(?) of "Truthiness" if our new friend here from Sweden (Misses Pontus Eliason) agrees to scanlate some manga for us, beginning with the Rapeman Christmas Special.

Have to say, the microwave to loosen the glue bit was a total and unexpected surprise bit of knowledge. I would have voted 'razor blade' or more tech savvy "X-Acto #11 blade" as the way they rip up their books.

See, that's just terrible violence to my mind, actually tearing up, destroying books..I just can't deal with it.

I still feel great shame for cutting out the pages from my Be Forever Yamato blueprint set. With a #11 X-Acto blade.

I suppose there's really no other way to do it, not and get a clean scan, but still. Still. It's MURDER! BOOK MURDER!

Shall I cut up my newly bought Be Forever Yamato deluxe hardcover so I can scan in the pages and play unpaid print monkey? Pretend I'm a combo publisher/translator/editor and I'm JUST AS IMPORTANT as, say, someone who gets paid to do that shit for a living? Will this allow me to cozy up to Carl at a con and say "yeah...yeah...I'm just like you, buddy...just as big a wheel...you should see my d/l stats, I rule..."

I think not.

"beginning with the Rapeman Christmas Special."
Oh my, that is certainly an offer I cannot say no to. Please do hook me up. And I see you found the edit button. How nice ;)

KEEP TV FREE!! PAY-TV HAS GOT TO GO!! Because TV is not a commercial product! Except for those things called commercials!

Hey Patrick, I don't know what's funnier, the whiny whine of the 'real' scanlators, or the tiny tiny ponds and their "biggest frog" contests.

Scanlator ego wars. I laugh.

I also read I-O's scans of Ippo (and buy a couple of the tanks every time I hit the NYC Book-Off now).

I thought the article was fine..just wish I wasn't quoted from paragraph preceded by "I hope this is coherent because I'm trying to write through a migraine". =P

Also, Patrick, do you care if I post unedited response segments on our group's forums? I'm not sure of what the protocol is for this sort of thing. If nothing else this motivated us to get our website up to date after a year of idleness....

He he. Coming back to this thread after I don't know how long, I still have to say that the original author has little or no clue.

Look, I'm quite okay with you pointing out factual errors in my posts, if you can find any (which it doesn't look like you were clever enough to do). In fact, I welcome it.

But the author apparently feels that gross factual errors perpetrated by him must be excused, on account of this being his blog.
I beg to differ.

Sounds like a personal problem. I'll try to help you anyways. Since you are clearly dying to be crowned "the real expert" here, why don't you write your own article on scanlations and try to get it published? If I have a lot of spare time on my hands, maybe I can attack it afterwards and try to find the weak spots in it like it was the Death Star or something. You sure make it look like fun.

It's also worth noting that a great deal of anime these days on Japanese TV *isn't* free, but is carried on a subscription cable or satellite basis, even pay-per-view. Now, Lupin III Part 3 was technically free, but you were expected to buy a Nissan Fair Lady on the honor system.

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