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Sounds like you could make a list of Tetsuro Tanba facts every bit as interesting, if not more so, than the Chuck Norris ones. The main difference would be that the Tanba ones are actually true.

Yeah, except that Tamba told me about the Connery incident himself, so I can't categorize it as a "legend." I'll start work on a full length "Dinner With Tamba" post as soon as these maids leave me alone.

Aha, I'm a stranger in these parts and had followed an external link directly to the earlier farewell to Mr. Tamba, so I didn't know you knew him, so the Great Spirit World stuff ain't gonna be news to ya. (The hilarious anecdotes above underline something I thought I remembered but wasn't sure I was right about, but now it sounds congruent: I did read someplace that Tamba was quite insistent that a full sex life was a vital ingredient of the Great Spirit World, though I'm fairly sure it was not mentioned in the one movie about it that I did see.)

I'd be curious to know if Mr. Tamba ever told you that he supposedly rescued Mie Hama from being fired from the 007 movie (her English being not up to snuff), by telling Connery that if that happened, she'd of course have no choice but to commit suicide. Connery intervened and her role was switched with Akiko Wakabayashi's. (I got none of this firsthand, all from one or another Connery biography from the 80s.) I tend to doubt that Hama would actually have knocked herself off, but if the story's true, it shows a canny awareness on Tamba's part that Connery and the producers would be just naive enough about the Japanese to fall for it.

I've just been letting everything wash over me recently. So it goes. What can I say?

I haven't gotten anything done lately. Not much on my mind recently. I just don't have much to say right now. My mind is like an empty room.

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