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Ok, Patrick?

Offically and for the record, WHAT the Jesus titty fucking Christ HELL?

It's like Oh! Wicked Wanda with a Nintendo slant. And Teh Gay. Or something. Starring Prince as Mario.

I must be high.

Did someome mention Prince?


I give this post two snaps and an "around the world."

Found myself ROFLMAO! Anyone getting hold of those pics would turn them into image macros in no time. :))

I've seen this original on his exhibition.
This Project is one of act by TAKEKUMA KENTARO.

Fkosan! See you soon in Shinjuku...

For those of you who happen to be unenlightened cretins, Takekuma Kentaro is the genius level intelligence behind EVEN A MONKEY CAN DRAW MANGA. He also been known to draw some shit for Nintendo Power...

Doesn't that director look like Larry David in the fourth pic?

Oh, and this is SO going on 4chan.

In that case the pics should be watermarked to ensure they're exclusive.

I came.

Upon seeing the depiction of Bowser and his minions as old men, I can't help but be reminded of the revolutionary artistry of Handre Jager. Much like the rest of his extensive portfolio, Jager's unique vision of Super Mario Brothers (at http://tinyurl.com/fsmyp ) contains multiple levels of nightmarishness to it. Indeed, it's usually only upon a second viewing that one notices Luigi's not-so-subtle right-leaning tendencies. Hello naughty words dummy indeed.

I like to think that Takekuma's and Jager's works peacefully coexist within the same continuity in maybe a before/after type context. Sort of like say, the thin Elvis and the fat Elvis.

This was posted on 4chan a long time ago, so it was funny to see it here. The 2nd page is the most disturbing, esp that Japanese man with the fan who is very excited. Poor Mario and Lugi :(

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