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I wish to comment that it's releases like this that not only make me sad I don't work at Suncoast anymore, but that Suncoast is more or less dead and buried, because it's stuff like this I tried to make our store's bread and butter. I sold 4 copies of Calimari Wrestler when the company didn't even want to stock the thing, I could have easily sold a dozen of this.

But what I notice MOST is how tight those pants are on Ms Shihomi. I mean, DAY-AM.

Hey! Patrick! Send me a comp box! Best Buy ain't gonna carry this! I know you got paid in merchandise, so it's not like...ahhh, who am I kidding... :)

They just shipped out my copy of SISTER STREET FIGHTER. I'll be looking forward to the next BCI/Macias team up, too.

I kinda wish they'd tapped Patrick to do the liner notes on the GOJIRA DVD set, Ed Gorganzolla is kinda dry on the commentary side...

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