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I feel.....soooo dirty reading this.

And yet, I suspect that running thru Patrick's mind is that old Steve Martin song (no, not the reporter who witnessed Godzilla..atho...)

To paraphrase, because I'm too lazy to look it up: "And the most amazing thing of all is...I GET PAID FOR DOING THISSSSSS!"

Well, considering the stage directions and cameras which surround him during what is drolly called the act of love, I should say Patrick more than earns it.

Big news from Anime Weekend Atlanta: Tim Eldred is said to have discovered a truth which may have lain hidden in plain sight for two decades: apparently the Japanese LD of the first Lupin III movie *had* the Hong Kong dub on it all along. He is reported to have ordered it off Yahoo Japan; I never knew anyone who had the LD, though I have a distinct memory of ads for it (jointly with the CAGLIOSTRO LD) in ANIMAGE. Now I want to go back and find those ads...Huh! What a fantastic brain!

Ya, was quite a bit of discussion before the con as well. I believe it was Dave who said "so all the so-called experts who loudly proclaimed this movie was NEVER EVER called 'Mystery of Mamo' are wrong after all"

I'm not at all sure ALL the LDs had the second audio track, I got the impression from the obi band that there was something special, different about this release.

Because I'm SURE I would have glommed on to 'bonus English dub track included' even in my wild hair days of lost youth....

There was a company that was using 'international' dubs of several movies for English teaching. they used the JAL Mamo dub, that GAWD AWFUL 'Farewell to Yamato' dub, and several others.

There are untold secrets to be uncovered...

OK, It's offical. I THINK TOO MUCH about stupid, useless things. Here's the current example:

Patrick, what are the chances your foot-maid's injured knee was fake? The way you mentioned her saying several times "I fell off my bike", the oh-so coyly 'slightly pulled off' bandage so you could get a glimpse of her owie...

Go ahead, mock me, but 'damaged' is an up and coming fetish, going back (once again, sigh)at least to Evangelion....

Yeah, I know, adds an extra level of creepy. That's why I say I think too much.

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