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That's cool to hear! Hopefully clips of your report would eventually make the net afterwards for the rest of us to view!

holy shit a couple more years and you'll be the next pakkun 20 more years and you'll be like dave spector or karl taro greenfeld!! congrats

To quote Marxy of Neomarxisme fame: "At least one of yous is being sarcastic."

Please not to mention that name, or I'll start whining again about inaccuracies in SPEED TRIBES.


Sexy satellite launched by JAXA tonight...what is the real reason for its launch? Is ESPY and CounterESPY involved?

Just another piece of the jigsaw puzzle, neh?

You are right to suspect, but I believe that the military-occult complex's short lived designs on outer space ended when it was discovered that a well trained remove viewer could go places that rocket ships, satellites, and such simply couldn't.

As for Counter-ESPY, they were eventually contacted by extraterrestrial entities via. the Overtones, but their authenticity has not been verified outside of ESPACE. So I have my doubts.

Perhaps I'll run into you there. Sunday I'm doing a presentation on Japanese cultural elements in anime,

Basically a short segment from Maison Ikkoku where I show the segment, then we go through it again and pause and discuss elements.

No, no, Gilles, you're using the wrong show (unless you need to canoodle with the Viz/Shopro folks)...

What you should do is take a show like Mazinger Z, show how the cultural subtext is subtle and sometimes ignored (if you look at the house Koji was living in, by Japanese standards his family were INSANE WEALTHY, that place was HUGE and had way too much land around it!), and contrast that with any current piece of crap MOE series with the untranslatable show name and the fetish attention to Japanese customs and food and dress and the boobs and the panties and the 'antenna bangs' on the hair and the glasses and AARGGGHHH!

I think there's a book in there, somehow :)

That SISTER STREET FIGHTER box set hits the streets tomorrow, can you give us a hint at the Liner Notes you wrote? And are you doing any other Liner Notes for BCI?

The set came out on the 5th, for what it's worth.

I wrote notes for all four films in the set, along with an Etsuko Shihomi biography. Matt Alt and Hiroko translated an amazing interview with director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi.

I have to be tight lipped about future BCI projects, but yeah, there is always something cooking on the pot.

The transfers for the films look amazing and I can't believe they are going to go the HD route for the first Sister Street Fighter film later this month...

Well one of the reasons I use Maison Ikkoku is that it is absolutely not moe and has plenty of booze, especially the segment I'll show. Of course the fact that I love the show and want others to discover it also has something to do with it.

Mazinger Z would be great if I wanted to do some brain warping.

I am tempted to finish up with a Sister Streetfighter segment but suspect we won't have time.

Damn, Patrick, you casually mentioned this Marxy guy, and out of sheer curiosity I checked his website to see what it was all about.
He fucking blew my world! His songs are amazing! How did you know him? Is he a friend of yours?

With your previous expose of Tokyo Tower's wax museum, it's too bad you can't slip this one in:


This store, for those not in the know, is just down the block from ATA, where Col. Baldwin holds court at "Other Cinema." Anyone visiting San Francisco in season should make it a point to attend.

I really dig Marxy's blog, but I'm going to be quite blunt and admit I don't know what "orthopraxy" means.

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