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By my figuring, the world is now at least 20% less manly.

Sean Connery, Sonny Chiba and Duke Togo are all gonna have to put in some overtime.

Fucking Pneumonia. I'm sure it's a cover for SPECRE having done him in, likely with a nubile female. People aren't supposed to die from fucking Pneumonia in this day and age (Jim Henson, Stanley Kubrick, I'm probably forgetting other famous people sorry).

Please forgive my ranting.

Holy shit!

But I thought he was immortal...

Looks like I'll be adding a little something to the opening and end of Little Red Riding Hood.

But he IS immortal....now...

He did die at the end of The Happiness of the Katakuris, so I was kind of prepared for it. Sayonara, Tamba-san and thanks for being great.

You only live twice, Mr. Tamba.

He can't die! He's a G-FUCKING-MAN!

By Tamba's own reckoning, he must have graduated to the Great Spirit World, which he wrote some books and movies about back in the 80s and 90s, and even licensed a franchise store selling goods related to same. I still have my little silver pendant, sporting a scowling Tamba mug over the emblazoned word (in English) "POWER!"

I went so far as to chat up one of the young managers of the place, who cautiously admitted that he did not really believe in the Great Spirit World (sort of a blend of Buddhism, Shintoism and a dash or two of Christianity), and even found some of the trinkets (involving a cartoon Tamba posing as the Buddha) in rather dubious taste.

Well, as Takashi Miike notes in his commentary to "Katakuris," I think, Tamba was really the last one of his generation, and if I'm unsurprised to hear this, I'll miss him anyway. It does give comfort to consider that if he was right about all that, then he's surely up there in the Great Spirit World soaring through the clouds on those flying umbrellas.

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