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w00t! you rock, pat! :)

I've been waiting for someone to youtube the NHK clip on your Akiba adventures.

I'm a regular subscriber to Figure O and also managed to get hold of "Cruising the Anime City" at Shinjuku's Kinokuniya two years ago. I hope "Otaku in USA" makes it to the english edition. お願い!!


I'm dying. I must have been the guy in the Harlem theater at that point: "Rewind that shit!"

Television is probably all downhill from Patrick discovering Japan's secrets.

Really, NHK needs to market this show to the US somehow. Not everyone has a tunable dish to get NHK feeds directly. Most people have either DirecTV or Dish Network which an installer tunes in and you're supposed to leave the dish alone after that. However, the success of shows like Iron Chef should convince someone to pick this up. Too bad that TechTV doesn't exist anymore. (It was neutered into G4.) The old TechTV might have taken a chance on something like this. G4? Not so much.

One last comment...dude, are you part Hobbit? Those are some hairy feet, Patrick. Poor maid-chan! ^_^

PS: There needs to be a bishounen equivalent of this. Hot sexy boys in tuxes catering to females. I know about the butler cafes but they hire old guys for that. Bishy boys calling you "master" and feeding you o-cha and cake. And rubbing your feet. Mmmmm....

Awesome job on the report!

Some American conventions are starting to have their own maid cafes now, only a matter of time before they do indeed take over...

Lord help us all o_o

For a variety of reasons, I cannot imagine maid cafes working here, even in the rarefied world of the anime con.

Well, unless they import Japanese girls to do it. Which I suppose is feasible over the short duration of an anime con.

Christ, they would make a lot of money.

That was excellent. How often will you appear on the program? And has anyone had the brilliant idea to combine maid/butler cafes with English language conversation schools yet?

Ms. Geek> there's cafe for those who are into BL - there's Swallowtail (http://www.butlers-cafe.jp/) and B:Lily-Rose (http://www.b-lilyrose.com/). These cafe are located in Ikebukuro.

Ikebukuro has become a mini-Akiba, catering to the female species of the Otakus, known as the "Fujyo-shi" (腐女子)

There's a rather comprehensive list of maid (and butler) cafe on Hagemaru's blog:


Pat-san, I found an interesting blog. Please take a look at its bottom.

Hehehehe, that was awesome. That host looked so incredulous, but I think he was right into it towards then end.

Nice work, Pat!

To paraphrase the blessed Tamba: you know what it is about your legs that fascinates them?

The irony is that Mr. Peppler's sardonic air, neatly trimmed beard, and timely bon mots gave the impression of an Edwardian gentleman. If there was still such a thing as context, it would be said he met maid chara halfway.

{Some American conventions are starting to have their own maid cafes now, only a matter of time before they do indeed take over...}

Yeah experiencing a Reverse Butler cafe (gals dressed like guys) at YaoiCon was a trip. Didn't know what to feel given the circumstances.

And apparently the Maids have landed in the Great White North. http://www.imaidcafe.com/ Will they ever cross Lake Ontario??

I've been looking for this gem on TV Japan, to no avail. The host reminds me of a B-movie baddie. He can even make "hoppity hop" sound masculine. I do believe though, that I would rather pound my testicles flat with a wooden mallet than play "rock, paper, scissors" in a maid cafe.

Why do all JP TV shows have such low production budgets? Every show looks like it was made for PBS.

I can't speak for all JP TV shows, sadly, but the one we did was for NHK, Japan's equivalent of PBS. So go figure.

This must explain the "island episodes" of NADIA.

Being a beer guzzling Canadian redneck hipster, I couldn't quit understand the/your fascination with Maid culture. Now, after watching your clips, I can definitely grasp the potential for Moe.

Nice work, Patrick.

god damn your japanese suck yankees. lol
the "navigator" sounds uptight and is one of the worst tv-guides i've seen

Well you know, like, that's just your opinion, man.

Oh my freaking God...thanks to my G5 I was FINALLY able to watch these...holy crap, Patrick...

And my, was your host way way too comfortable with the 'give and take' with his maid. You should 'out' him on a future show.

>///< so cute, i wanna work at a maid cafe and Hitomi was so adorable, she put in her love <3 and what type of foot massage O__o i can say i've never had a foot massage like that -_-

there is a maid cafe where i live, in Toronto! (Ontario, Canada.)

It's a kind of basic maid cafe i guess with a library of manga to read and tea...

but all the maids are from hong kong and they serve mostly chinese food...

it's cute ^^

I have i really werid question

and i'd be really happy if someone coould answer this for me.

Do you have to be japanese to worke at a maid cafe?

you have to be 100% sure about it to!

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