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Congrats on the book! Was this written for translation and publication in Japanese, or is there an original English version in publication too? (I'm translating an article and the title comes up; I'd like to know whether to transliterate the Japanese title or to give an official English one.)

--Peter (durf at gol dot com)

Hey Durf,

This book was written in English, but translated in Japanese for the Japanese market. Right now, there is no English version (but you never know). The official English title is 'OTAKU IN USA - Love and Misunderstanding! The History of adopted Anime in America.'

Thanks very much! The essay I'm translating now will show up in the next issue of the Japan Foundation's "Japanese Book News"; I'll send you a link when it's uploaded. :-)

Hmm you think Toren Smith will follow ? Would be very interesting to compare stories!

Just a quick update: issue no. 50 of Japanese Book News is out now. You can get the goods here:


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