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Gothic and Lolita?

Jeebus Christos in a titty fucking rowboat, are you MAD? They'll eat you ALIVE, man!

Your only hope is to dress like Edgar Allen Poe, put some eyeshadow on and mope. Think about all the money Nishizaki ISN'T making on Yamato nowadays, that ought to put you in the proper frame of mind.

Good Luck, our brave soldier of love!

Big in Japan...tonight.

I once explained to Patrick that I was more of a Alphaville "Big In Japan" type, rather than The Vapors' "Turning Japanese." He was frankly a little mortified.

OK, if you see someone in a goth-loli version of a Seifuku, get a picture. I've got a costume to make that's gotta be finished before the end of January rolls around.

Yes, you would look good dressed like what Steve Harrison suggested. Lots of black, ruffly black shirt, patent leather pointy shoes. Eye shadow optional. Maybe just a little eyeliner. Oh yeah, and black nail polish. Gotta go for the black nail polish. Kakkou-ii.

And a tiny hat. Or does that only work for women?

Yeah, those Lucky the Leprechan hats. Girls only, I'm afraid...I blame working on the JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL INFERNO book this year for turning me into a whorish clothes horse. Thing is, I like the trashy blinged-out Garu-o/Center Guy look better than the Visual-Goth thing. But in a pinch, monster shirt and skinny Koenji jeans seems to suit me best for now. Having said all that, I would kill for some Controller of Planet X cosplay...

Dammit, Patrick, you're working with NHK now! Why CAN'T you have a Controller of Planet X costume done up? Black and grey leather, damn, boy! It's what you NEED to make it complete!

The goths would FEAR your power! The lolitas cream at the sight of you!

And it would be a cool illo for your next book too.

Carl, you're a master of photoshop and the like, can't you give us a preview of what that would look like?

Me, I'm holding out for a 'Mysterian' costume. I think the big 'parrot beak' helmet would fit me perfectly.

"Hello, yeah, it's been awhile,
Not much.....
how bout you"

"not sure why I called, I just really wanted to talk to you"

"And I was thinkind mabe later on....

The Milk Book Lives

This might be heretical, but "Groovin' Magic" is a better theme song than "Active Heart."

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