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"I briefly and seriously contemplate jumping out the window to my right. I see myself falling seven stories down to my death, and my splattering brains hitting both used computer parts and a vending machine selling instant oden. There really is nowhere else to go from here."

It was this line more than any other that reminded me of the prose stylings within the Japan travelogue of a friend of mine over at http://unamerican.livejournal.com/50609.html#cutid1 . I keep trying to get him to read this site, but he keeps being distracted by his discoveries, what with being the first human to observe the thoughtbird and give clown pistols their name and all.

It's a good thing that The Great Life Challenge we had proposed among ourselves never officially got underway, since no matter who among us would walk away with the Life Mastery crown, we'd still have to know in our hearts that Patrick Macias commands greater understanding of The Joke than we.

In my mind, the Wani Wani Panic match played out like the Russian Roulette bit in The Deer Hunter.


The only numbness occurring occassionally in my life these days is the one in my feet.

I expect Patrick to be living twice. First getting paid by NHK to eudure Maid Jigoku, then being able to write of the horrors in his next book.

Oh, come on, "What I did to survive in Neo-Tokio" would be a perfect book for the American fandom. shake up a few pre-conceptions and scare some otaku straight. Tamba-san would approve.

me, I figure I'd end up like that guy in Leon, popping capsules under my nose to keep me going....

In this whole Master and Servant fantasy are you given a 'safe word' for when the role playing gets out of hand? These Maid Cafes seem like they're a step away from S&M Bondage nightclubs...

The safe word is "I'm out of money."

Thought you might get a kick out of this: http://omomani.blog53.fc2.com/blog-entry-1522.html

Some more gaijin/maid cafe action.

I went to @home cafe. The wait to sit down was over and hour. They wouldn't stop playing the same song over the speaker. The maids did not say goshujinsama to me. They took forever to present me with my bill. If I was supposed to wait so long, they could have offered me more coffee. I really felt like screaming.

The food was good though, and the maids were nice.

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