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I would not be worthy to hang in your posse, Patrick. I don't drink and curry would kill me. Yet I long to walk the musty halls of Super Fest, just to soak in the horror, and clense myself.

Yes, you would have gotten a rise out of me by picking up that Yamato picture disc. It's one of...hurrrr...8 LPs/EPs/45s I need to complete my Yamato Vinyl collection. But *I* have the super rare Yamato/Gundam suite for piano and chorus LP!

Hey Steve,

As long as you have a "yen" for instant ramen or 2 min. styrofoam yakisoba, there's no problem.

I don't know why I didn't pick up that picture disc...1500 yen for a Saraba Yamato 45". The second I put it down, someone else grabbed it and smiled. I think it has a happier home now than my rat's nest at Draft One.

Even so, you WILL make me an MP3 rip of that Yamato/Gundam suit RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!

I'll have to get with my friend Jerry on that ripping the LP. He's got the turntable and the right programs for such things.

I'm still dealing with a fussy iMac G5 that is a beautiful sexy computer but it DOESN'T FUCKING WANT TO PLAY MY CDs!

Oh, I also have a Yamato the New Journey/Brave Raideen piano/choral suite LP. I am that evil.

Jerry has the LPs currently, I think we can make something happen.

C'mon, Steve-O......Japanese curry is really mild. Good though...

I had my first Japanese curry in the dining room of the Asia Center hotel in Akasaka. It was served by a Nigerian man, who, noting the CAGLIOSTRO film comic I had obtained the other day, volunteered that he too liked Lupin III.

I wanted to say, by the way, that even though I don't know anything about Japanese toys, I really enjoyed the show, laughing like a God-damned moron at times. Patrick and Matt heap funny...make-um Injun laugh.

Join the dark side, Carl.....

You're in Oregon these days, right? I've been in Seattle for the year, so sort of your neck of the woods. How was AWA? As you saw, we got out our first PG in a year.

Oh, it was funny...the whole "I gotta eat..I GOTTA eat.." bit, with the comments on the curry,had me on the floor.

Just get me to a place with hamburgers, I can survive. or steamed white rice. I lived for a couple of weeks in Uganda on rice and bacon.

or plain ramen noodles. with a little chicken broth.

Pancakes. chicken nuggets.

dammit, hungry.

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