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Mannnnn, wotta pair o' geeks! The two of you in that sex shop...what, you're both 14 or something?

Looking at the pic above, yeah, you are.

Stupid technical question, because it's the way my fevered brain works- are you both mic'ed during your ramblings? the quality seems too good to just be handholding a recorder and waving it around depending on who is talking....or maybe it's simply two recorders with the audio mixed in post and I'm dumb for not thinking of that.

I know when I was in charge of price comp shopping at the local Sam's Club I invested in a pin mic so I could whisper competing prices on the go into my micro tape recorder..damn that was a fun time.

Matt...I'm sorry to tell you, but clearly your heartburn and other issues is not due to bad convention center curry...you're a replicant. And Patrick IS assigned to retire you....course, YOU know where the 'BR' gun is and he doesn't, so...

Seriously, you guys sound like you're having a blast. Updates on the secret 1 AM anime fest in the park, please, and more details on the rival Gaijin Otaku gumi rumble please.

I feel like I'm there even as I am not.

That was probably the best one yet. If all goes well, I'll be in Japan sometime in the near future. I hope that in my visits to Mandarake I won't be forced to battle against rival gaijin.

And Patrick, please, I simply must know the titles and respective artists for both the opening and ending songs. Please?

Opening track is a cover of Pizzicato Five's "A New Song" by Duke Aces from the 2002 tribute LP MUSIC AND WORDS BY PIZZICATO FIVE. Had to throw down some Shibuya-kei from second one.

Closing track is "My Brave Face" by the wonderful, yet sadly underrated, Cymbals. Maybe if they did a theme song for Bleach or Naruto or something horrible like that...

And for Steve, yes, the whole thing is recorded by waving around a crappy old micro cassette recorder. Back to Mono, baby.


I found this blog for some reason and it caught my attention since I know two of the books you had something to do with.

And now I thought you might be able to help me with something... Do you know where can I find a movie called Love & Pop, by Hideaki Anno?
Ive seen stuff about it in Murakami Takashi's Superflat and would like to watch it.
I must say I didnt try very hard to look for it, so maybe its just very easy to find and thats a stupid question, but well.

Thanks, and good luck with making a living. If you manage to do that, please write a how-to book.

This morning there I was in the back of the F bus on the Bay Bridge in my black hat with my black leather jacket over the work clothes; dress shirt, slacks, and cracking up to the best you have done so far. Please do more of these with Matt or other folks.


As for the question on Love & Pop, it depends what country you are in. It came out on DVD in the US a few years ago from Kino and is very easy to get.
Whenever I get a question on enjo kosai I just smile and say, "watch Love & Pop."

Patrick, you've really done it this time. I'd better go find that Cymbals album next time I'm in a Little Tokyo record store. That's good stuff. So are this episode's adventures.

I play those mixtape podcasts of yours regularly. You should do more of them, they are awesome and you seem to find some of the weirdest and coolest J-Music I've ever heard.

One of the good things about the Cymbals is that they broke up in 2003. Their regular LPs are so-so, but their "best-of" record "Anthology" is the one to get.

I can't believe Matt passed on the LED belt buckle....if Shinjo can pull it off wearing one ON THE FIELD, Matt should be able to do it around Shibuya.

What was the trendy abbreviation for First Kitchen? I kinda dug that place. Then again, I like to clog all my arteries at once by having a fried egg on my cheeseburger...

That would be "Fa'kin," pronounced (wait for it) "Fuckin'."

The advertising possibilities are endless.

Okay, this rocked o_o

Flat out.

Tempted to play part of this on the next episode of R5 Central.

I am left speechless after laughing so hard so I will bow out grefull-*trips over a can and tries to play it off before running for his life*

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