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Damn, Patrick, I told you, you NEED some X-seijin style sunglasses. and a zip up nylon shirt. or bug their wardrobe people for that nehru jacket...that shirt is so very very '70s, my friend.

I mean, I had a shirt just like that in '71. wore it with brown cords. and keds. you can't get more geek than that!

Will this be on NHK normally?

Will this be webcast too? I don't have the dish so I can't gank this myself. Could this be the start of your new career? Ganbatte ankaaman indeed. Certain victory is yours.

I'm also curious as to whether an audio version will be carried on shortwave or webcast (I didn't see Tokyo Eye on the radio listings). Hopefully Kim Jong-Il having his blast will not disrupt the premiere.

did nhk sponsor you a work visa. or is it another 90 day tourist deal?

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