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Cosplay is love. Ganbatte Paturiku!!! Tatakae!!!!

The intense stare (of justice) is visible even through the mask.

Makes me wonder if a Mima-maniac cosplayer is near by.

Wai! Wai!

but the info lacks the one significant datapoint, the thing that seems to be an indicator of the character of the person- bloodtype!

To which the answer is "Blue" of course.

Fight! For Justice! and French Fries!

Does "Halloween" actually count as cosplay?

Hey you kids, get out of here.

I think he's fighting for "Freedom Fries"...

Aw geez, Gus just HAD to go and be a glory hound! Again!

It's bad enough trying to maintain the secrecy of an mysterious organization when we've got former cosplayers in our ranks -_-

..Oh crap. Pretend you didn't read that.

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