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OMG you got the GOLDEN TICKET, Patrick-san!

It's like being invited to Willy Wonka's factory, only in REAL LIFE!!!

I cannot WAIT for the next HTOS-cast. Too cool.

Somehow I find plamo totally unappealing. Possibly because mecha sucks.

Well Marielle, you're a girl (at least I'm guessing) so you probably would say something like that. But to ignore the importance of Plamo to the otaku world (i.e. the rest of us) would also "suck."

"Mecha sucks."

Wow. I've never heard those 2 words used together. It makes me all twitchy reading them.

Sadly, a lot of people think so. There are even people who don't like rock music. Some people don't even eat meat.

While one would think Moe is the antithesis of mecha love, is it not true that there are those who are Moe OVER mecha?

Could not the current trend of loli girls with airplane or tank parts covering them (reborn from the '80s MS Gal concept) be seen as either the Moe fans trying to co-opt the mecha world, or vice-versa? Or maybe some unhealthy, nay, unholy merging of the two?

Can I be any more pendantic? :")

I guess I'm just gender typical. Except that I really don't like yaoi. And my hentai collection is generally considered to be impressive.

I wasn't implying that you should ignore plamo and focus on the girly things. Obviously you hate goth loli and you managed to get through a segment of it. I like figures, but I just never really got into mecha and therefore plamo. Just expressing my opinion, that's all.

Anyway, didn't anyone ever tell you not to feed the trolls? :P

Opinions are fine. So are Gothloli. I don't "go" that way myself, but I respect it and certainly studied the heck out of it for my next book and for NHK. Why just yesterday I saw Choco-nyan in Harajuku and we high-fived each other...

Mecha + moe = hilarity (more hilarious if you're a haruhi fan)


So are Gothloli. I don't "go" that way myself

Let it be proclaimed, that from now on, any time you do a segment on a girlie subculture, you must strive to understand them better by adopting their style.

"Why just yesterday I saw Choco-nyan in Harajuku and we high-fived each other..."

Athletes pat each other on the butt, but run into a familiar Gothloli and it's a high five? Those should definitely be reversed...

It should now be pointed out that actual Japanese Gothloli girls who hang out in Harajuku are actually quite friendly and genial, whereas foreign girls who follow the scene from afar tend to be a bunch of miserable elitist cunts.

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