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ANGEL'S EGG??? Really?

Patrick! PATRICK!

Clearly you were tired when you answered that email!

The Answers should have been:

1. Full Metal Alchemest movie
2. One of the Dragonball Z movies
3. A Miyazaki movie
4. A Naruto movie
6. Ghost in the Shell
7. Another Miyazaki movie
8. The Last Unicorn
9. Evangelion
10. Tie, Cowboy Bebop/Another Miyazaki movie

Whadda trying to do, skew the curve or something, ya nit? Putting quality movies up , and MOST of them being from the '80s to boot, ya radical, ya hippie...


To defend your Golgo 13 choice, I think there is only one that was an actual MOVIE, wasn't there? I thought 'Queen Bee' was an OAV.

And I'm still not sure how you can pick Adieu GE999 over the first GE999 movie, but we can discuss that over food some con :)

I would have been inclined to toss Dagger of Kamui in there instead of Utena, but that's me.

Queen Bee would have benefitted from more CG skeletons firing revolvers, methinks. Either that or the metal belt buckle as seen in the first story of "Wiseguy," the fifth and latest of Viz's Golgo 13 manga releases that I've read. Regrettably, none of the manga retailers around me seem to carry anything from the Viz Signature line, and even good ol' Amazon is listing my Phoenix shipment as "delayed."

The upcoming episode of AWO contains another plug for Patrick's cosmo space runaway expeditions, though I myself weep hot tears of shame at the realization that I've been pronouncing "Macias" incorrectly all this time. The wound to my heart will only be healed once Dynamic decides to make additional Getter Robo. A new Grendizer would also suffice.

Compiling top whatever lists is something I can just never do, because not only am I always killing myself trying to figure out what ranks where, but there's always things that don't make it on the list but you want to mention. It's usually easiest to just write "Fist of the North Star" over and over and be done with it, in the vain hope that Toei will miraculously find an uncensored print of the original movie that doesn't have all the color bleeding and release that sucker on DVD.

AKIRA didn't have the guts to actually end the world, but THE END OF EVANGELION did.

Ok, ok. Basically been pulling my hair out since I read this post, trying to form the perfect list. Here it goesies:

1.Gag the Fag
2.Tie: The Man with the Golden Rod/Black Spank Master 3
3.Rim Shot
4.On Bareback Pond
5.Bareback at the Sauna
6.Muscle Bear Motel (Do not argue with me on this title, it was a GayVN winner)
7.Rural Erections
8.Spunk'd: The Complete First Load
9.Out in Africa 2 (the movie OiA 1 should have been, times a trillion)

And before you argue this list, let me state, The Best of Leather is ok, if you're into extended recap episodes, but Nights in Black Leather is far superior-especially considering that it was remade into Leather Obsession 2: The Sex Pit.

Everything's yaoi these days.

Not really knowing what I'm talking about, it seems teh gay pr0n suffers from a lack of imagination, title-wise.

Altho I expect there's been an influx of replacing 'bareback' with 'brokeback', given that 'mainstream' legimacy.

but it's no 'Basic in-stink' or 'star whores' or 'master and command her' or anything...

Boy, I REALLY don't know what I'm talking about...


EVERY movie would benefit from more CG skeletons firing revolvers.

Good list, yo. The Angel's Egg in particular is one of the most underrated anime films of all time IMO and it and Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer remind me of a wonderful time when Mamoru Oshii's films weren't pretentious garbage.

Wow, you have REALLY OLD taste. Any new shows you like? ^^

It's a list of movies, not "shows." But thanks anyways.


I suppose there hasn't been a ton of really stellar stuff in the movie department lately. Appleseed was tremendously disappointing. But I can't believe there's no Satoshi Kon on your list!

Well, it's a list of personal favorites, although I know Patrick liked "Millennium Actress." As for me, I could come up with a favorite, and I could come up with a top 20, but I'd have to think very hard about boiling it down to ten.

Patrick, I do believe "Marielle" (I put this in sarcastic quotes because I do not think it is even a name, let alone hers') was referring to the inclusion of Spunk'd: The Complete First Load on my list of films. Obviously she has mistaken it for the inane comedy program Punk'd, featuring Ashton Kutcher. For the record Spunk'd is a witty parody of said show, but done in the form of a feature length film.

I actually liked Appleseed Reloaded. At least compared to Steamboy and Innocence. BTW, Carl, that Aronofsky/Lone Wolf remake isn't happening anymore. http://www.darkhorizons.com/news06/061105f.php
Just thought you'd want to know, since you didn't even seem to be aware of it.


Wasn't that from the director of "Bukkake, American Style" which was a parody of the '70s comedy show?

Steve, Spunk'd: The Complete First Load is the debut of director I.M. Cumming.
Just thought you'd want to know, since you didn't even seem to be aware of it.

If I didn't know better, Daniel, I'd say you were fishing for a link to those pictures of me cosplaying as Utena (the movie costume, of course) because that would prove my identity. But I won't fall for that, because I am so much more clevererererer than you.

(Marielle is of French origin. How appropriate for "la fillette revolutionnaire" don't you think? But alas, I am not particularily athletic or princely, although I do like girls.)



Sorry...didn't I say I have no idea what I'm talking about here? :)


I won't puke I am a machine!

Top ten hentai anime, no particular order:

Bible Black
Cool Devices
Dragon Pink
Midnight Sleazy Train
Words Worth
Slave Market
Pure Mail

Urotsukidoji. I can't spell.

That is a top ten anime list!!

Crusher Joe would be #1 on my list. I failed two classes because I got the video of it the night before my final exams. Way back when..

Urotsukidoji. I can't spell.

C'mon Steve-O...it's "Basic InSTANK"! Get it right!

Now wait...am I confusing that with 'Basic In-Skank?'

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Your site has very much liked me. I shall necessarily tell about him to the friends.

Wait a sec, Marielle. No Cream Lemon, not even for old times' sake? What about Pop Chaser? You had Hiroyuki Kitakubo and Hideaki Anno on the case. Or Mako Sexy Symphony? Toshihiro Hirano character designs--solid gold.

Hi ! Your site is very interesting. Thank you.



Anno worked on Pop Chaser? Thou doest shittith me!

That's what I get for not reading the moonspeak in the Pop Chaser book I have...I mean..it's a historical document...

Well, there's supposed to be a note in that book where Anno says "I only worked on the explosions." When I met Mr. Kitakubo at AWA years later, he said everyone always tells him they like Pop Chaser, but he can never figure out if they're being serious, or just jerking his, er, chain. Thanks to Taka, I was lucky enough to be able to talk with him for several hours, and I only wish I had recorded it. A very intelligent man.

Ahhh, I probably have the wrong book then.

I have the hardcover 'Cream Lemon Film Comics part 4', which has a really nice Setti section in the back...I only have it for research reasons, I swear! But no interviews...

Pop Chaser deserved to be a 'mainstreamed' OVA or series. Just as Dream Hunter Rem got...errr...stripped... of the porn, you could do that to Pop Chaser and not lose any of the charm.

And Again, the Master of the Sailor Suit Salon won in the end, didn't he? The Sailor suit an object of sexualization and fetish on a par with the 'bunny girl' and 'leotard', just as he deeply desired...

You are the best! Im glad...

Really perfect!L

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