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The jacket is a much better look.

Should be zipped all the way up, however.

And sunglasses.

I anticipate sheer, utter horror with this report....

But Sakura-chan is so cute.

Dude! Behind you! She's got a blade!

Jeez, those things are nightmare fuel...

Hah, that life-size Saber will Fate you to Stay home at Night. Fate/Stay Night if you will.

I'll never understand that title.


When your action figures are so big that they have action figures, a line has been crossed.

Ah, yet another step in the insidious Nippon Hikikomori Kyokai conspiracy. I'll take one of each model and that Dinner with Tamba feature that was spoken of long ago.

That's Asobit Chara-City eh?

>That's Asobit Chara-City eh?

Correct! The Moe Figure floor, no less.

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