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I always liked the way he said "I should have been killed,"
contemptous at the sentimentality they showed him as a baby, when he would have been easier to destroy.

"Bitches acting like they handicapped
Want me to open doors, pull out chairs, and all that."

If ever there was an endorsement for the pro-life movement, it's Willie D. Truly, only the mind of a lunatic could compose such masterpieces as, "Fuck Rodney King", "Bald-Headed Hoes", and "I Wanna Fuck Your Momma", in which he informs the listener that he's going to make her, "Climb the walls, and take all her Geritols". Get this man an N.A.A.C.P. Image award pronto.

And still going strong on the GBs' latest album:

"Willie D is a nigga that will bloody your clothes
Don't think you know me 'cause you know the hook to 'Bald-Head Hoe'
I'll light you up with a sawed-off
Stab yo' ass in the leg, in the chest, in the back, and mouth."

A prospect that delights Bushwick so much that, following Willie D on the track, he repeats "Stab 'em in the leg, the chest, the back, and mouth!" much like Frodo stabbing that troll in the Mines of Moria.

I am perhaps most impressed by Willie D dedication to educating "minds to reality."

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