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I saw the listing for this movie on IMDB, and was like, "Director? Nah, that can't be right. Mike Arias is a software dude." I interviewed Mike on the telephone back when The Animatrix came out-- it's good to hear that he's made good on his dreams.

It's distressing to me that so little Studio 4C stuff is available in North America. Where the fuck is my Mindgame DVD? How about all of those crazy shorts like Noiseman Sound Insect? When will this movie surface? God knows, god knows.

Hey Mike,

Nice "Be Forever Yamato" poster...

Sony International has the rights to Tekkonkinkreet outside of Japan, which, as of this writing, hasn't even opened in Japan yet. By all accounts, an international release is planned for 2007.

I also met Arias for the first time during the Animatrix junket (Furry Fred and Egan Loo + laptop was there too). We bonded over Ashita no Joe and Black and White, which used to run in PULP. Bumped into him again in Shimokitazawa a few years back. Man, is that guy ever living the dream...

Mike, you're not the only one on Studio 4C stuffs. I want Studio 4C stuffs too! Mind Game and Noiseman and Morimoto music videos are all I worship. After watching Morimoto films, my perception of Anime changed forever. I'm like forget usual TV Anime crap that people download. 4C stuffs r da bomb. I read this book called Japanamerica, and it has very interesting insights from Michael Arias. In the book, he moved to Japan because Hollywood system is literally killing creativity. We are seeing the ultimate example of a man who searched for creativity and now enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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