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What prompted you to start droppin' those Fifth Ward bees on 'em again?

Well, given that you're a gaijin, Patrick, the shopkeeper should have expected your taste for violence and stuff... :)

Think we'll get a big ass Ashita no Joe revival because of this?

Ya know, it's kinda sad there isn't going to be a 'Son of Joe Yabuki' series, but I don't think Joe ever once got to do the horizontal boogie to deposit his little men...maybe in the manga. I dunno, all I know is a handful or random episodes and how it ends.

Probably just as well. I could see how totally vapid and weak it could be. Ashita no Joe is a very very manly show, filled with manly rage and weeping. I'd hate to see it turned Moe.

Steve, if you want a manga about male rage, check out SATSUMA GISHIDEN. It's by Hiroshi Hirata, whose works were favorably blurbed by Yukio Mishima--there's not too much you can say after that.

Patrick, an interesting assertion from that source of all truth, Wikipedia:

"In 1973, a book named ノストラダムスの大予言 (Nostradamus no daiyogen; 'The great prophecy of Nostradamus') became one of the best sellers. This book is based on The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The author, Goto Ben (五島勉), is from a traditional Russian Orthodox family."

"As a Christian..."

>What prompted you to start droppin' those Fifth Ward bees on 'em again?

Why Carl, I seek to unify the title, of course.


Nostradamus no dai yogen = Protocols of Zion. I guess I suppose that it all might make sense now, maybe

Unfortunately, the utter lack of interest by Americans in the superb series Hajime no Ippo aka Fighting Spirit would dictate that the tale, were it to be made, would go something like this:

TV's Patrick Macias finds himself in the slammer after taking actions disturbing other visitors and hindering the shop from conducting its smooth operation. While in the metal clink, he finds himself pining for ye old days of searching through pictures upon pictures as "research" for Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno, and as a result of hazy memories and the blurring line between fantasy and reality, concludes that he desperately has to protect Kojiro Abe from the Wolf.

He makes like Oldboy and takes up shadow boxing in his cell, and thus is born...Ashita no Moe.

I wish I'd come up with "Ashita no Moe."

Yeah but then who would buy the show when it was released in the States or Europe, Carl? That's right...Moe fans. Legions of them, lying in wait, ready to pounce on the show when it hits the shelves. Then talk about it endlessly on forums or BBS. Meanwhile kickass shows like Getter Robo and such are left to die on the vine. Only people with attention spans longer than, say, cheese watch older shows(Re: Older here means before 1999).

Or maybe Surat can re-invent himself as an "OEL" author. Yeah I can just see it now:

" TokyoPop and R.S.O.M. present:
"Happy Fighter"

Joe was a contender, a fighter and a friend! But all of that changed when he caused a man to lose two weeks out of work by hitting him once in a bar fight. A shell of his former self, he re-locates to Japan where he finds a cast of Eurasian friends who are only to willing to help a boxer, even though they're all pacifists and sissies! Hilarious hi-jinks ensue!

Joe now has a new mission: To make people laugh during the half-time intermission in his boxing fights! But can he impress the reigning comedy boxer, Louis "Yoshi" Takata!?! And can he keep his old girlfriend, Jaki, from finding out about the girl from the local Japanese comic book store, Aki, who Joe will spend the next 19 volumes pining after!?!

Find out this January, err, Feb,,ahh,,September with the exciting first(and probably only) volume of "Happy Fighter"!

Remember as Joe says: Keep laughing and fisting!"

Yeah, something like that.....

"I'm like Muhammad Ali on speed, crack, methamphetamines and coke..."

The last name for "Joe" in that pitch better be "Luster"!

No, no...it's the new segment of Robotech. And the fighting is trimmed so there's never any actual contact. And if a punch IS shown landing, we'll CG in some brightly colored 'starbursts', and all of Joe's opponents are robots...

AND THAT'S THE TRICK ENDING! Because if you know the show you know how it ends and you can fit the last piece yourself...

I..I hate myself..

And I must kill Daryl now...he went there. He did. It was the obvious joke to make and I avoided it but he went there.

I'm not sure at what point the rabbis gathered in the graveyard at night brought up the idea to use giant slugs, but maybe that's in the Japanese edition.

Next we'll find out that Message From Space is based on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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