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A bit of a tangent:

"Tokyo Eye" has made it to the US (at least, it's on the schedule). Although, in order to see it, you need a subscription to "TV Japan" (if your cable company carries it). Looks like it's going to be on Mondays at 3AM (Pacific). I don't think we'll get the "Fantasy World Japan" since it seems "TV Japan" has only NHK feeds.

Thanks hillsy,

Where did you find this incredibly useful information?

As much as I'd like to admit some great source......it was just my on-screen cable guide (Comcast here in Seattle). I periodically check for it and ...there it was. Digging around, though, it looks like TV Japan has a website with PDF schedules. Only listed on 1/8, so far.

What I want to know is what is the Best manga kissa? There's got to be a lot of competition between them.

I usually wind up at Gera Gera near the host clubs and budget curry joints in Kabukicho, but the one we went to next to the Milano-za was pretty slick. The name escapes me now, but you can see it in my latest bit for Tokyo Eye. Manboo (all over town) works in a pinch too.

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