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Have a good one, Patrick!

Wow, I remember 34. I think. The memory is the second thing to go when you are my age, and I forget what the first thing is.

Have so much fun you don't remember your birthday, Patrick-san!!! 誕生日おめでとう!

Happy birthday Patrick! May you age like wine and turn into bitter vinegar! Wait... thats not it...


I think you can agree. Yes?

Aw, man. Had I known your birthday was coming, I'd have gotten a print of this and somehow attempted to mail it to you as a postcard despite not knowing your address:


Really though, everyone ought to just use that as the standard birthday card to give to everyone. Be that as it may, I hope for many more years of your revealing to me the grim nature of existence, one blog post at a time.

Happy Birthday Patrick!

This has nothing to do with anime/japernese culture, but my wife and I just had a baby boy, born on 120106 (Matthew Riley Gray). He's one handsome little devil!

Happy (late) birthday, sexy mensch.

Teh Future movement wishes you a really Happy Birthday! Spending your 34th birthday lying on the floor watching some of that good ol' tokusatsu is indeed what Teh Future is all about.

Another belated Happy Birthday!

Man, don't you DARE get all grumpy and feeling old and everything is crap, your 34th is looking MUCH better than mine was, where the only highlights were that Giant Robo the Animation was coming out and Tekkaman Blade was rocking my world...and Project: A-Kon. That was good stuff.

Fight on! gotta Fight!

Happy birthday and welcome to the exclusive 34 club. Ages comprised of two consecutive numbers are always the best.

Happy Birthday. You are not much older than me.

Btw, the new Silver Kamen is a chick eh?

Everything you need to know about the new Silver Kamen is right here. And I've never been more jealous of anyone in my entire life than Matt Alt...


I just translated a news article about akio jissouji's death for homework. I had no idea he directed Doomed Megapolis.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Super Belated Birthday, Paddy!

Last time I checked, 43,er I mean 34 was somewhere between being rebellious and being the old dudes who put down the rebellion. So watch your Silver Kamen and be proud to do your thing.

Whatever that is....

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