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I've not seen the movie, but given the praises I've read for it, the movie seems honestly good. The TV series is good, but in the same way that something like Gundou Musashi is good. Well, not that bad but it's good cheesy fun.

Congrats on this Patrick, this could actually make me buy it.

I skim thru the movie after seeing the TV series and thought it was OK. I guess for me the TV series was a lot more entertaining because of the great acting and how over the top the actor who played Densha. Also it was awesome to see so much Keroro Gunsou! I guess the Tv series will never get license here tho it had a run on Channel 26 (unsubbed) in SF a last year.

SHOCK(!) - Densha Otoko... as played by one Patrick Macias!?!?


This was already on my list, but I'm even more into buying it now that I know your commentary track is on there.

I'm right now watching the TV series fansubbed...it's awesome. If I wasn't already married I would have a major crush on Ito Atsushi. He's ADORABLE!!! Teh hawtness. And funny too! Really, really funny!

Ironically I blogged about my intro to Densha Otoko TV on Cartoon Geeks just the other day:


Someone has GOT to put the TV series out in R1. Anyone know if Viz has the rights? Then again, Fuji TV dropped the ball on putting out R1 DVDs of Iron Chef, to my disgust.


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Ask Clarissa ^_^

I sort of dropped the Densha TV series in the middle. The 2ch scenes were a lot of fun, but everything else, from Densha (who, even for an otaku, is hard to watch) to the blank slate heroine, grated on me. 90-minute Densha, I guess I could take that a lot better.

@Ms. Geek

Don't you think licensing the Train Man TV series would be a pain? You know, given all that music they use. OEL's Twilight, The Imperial March, etc. I mean, I dunno how much of a problem that'd be, but I just heard someone mention that.

Licensing music? That never stopped Gainax.

Well, licensing music is what is keeping the series "Daria" off of DVD. It's a mess. So I suppose I can relate. If anything though, Jeff Lynne should be thanking his lucky stars that someone has revived interest in ELO, though.

The other stuff like The Imperial March from Star Wars and Numa Numa could be replaced with "soundalike" stuff, though. I mean, that one bitchy client's character's "theme music" could have been Ride of the Valkyries and it would work. I do believe Wagner is in the public domain now, although particular recordings of Wagner are not.

Generally speaking, it's been a non-issue for the last 5 years or so, as production companies are very careful about music clearences so as to not limit the future re-purposing of the product.

I would think that anything cleared with JASRAC would carry over to the US.

But of course I have been told in other places that since I am not in the Industry I can't possibly know what I'm talking about. :)

They certainly keep such considerations in mind, although sometimes it's simply a matter of money--they can afford permission to use a song in a movie or TV show, but not necessarily for home video or re-broadcast in another country.


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I saw this on a plane last year and thought it was pretty good. It's sad that I have to rely on Virgin Atlantic to watch all the Japanese films ages before they make it to the US. Not that I take trans-Atlantic flights just to catch the 'Nana' movie or anything.

hey! i accidently stumbled on your site. thanks for reminding me to see this movie!

OK, got it, saw it while listening to the commentary track, and frankly I'm somewhat disappointed. Ito Atsushi truly IS Densha Otoko. The pretty-boy they put in the movie is fakey-fakey-fakey. Seeing the segment of the TV series at the end (yes, that is a scene from the TV series, folks) that point is driven home for you. He's also got all the personality of dishwater. :-P So does the woman portraying "Hermess" but Aomori-san didn't have much personality either.

I mean, it's better than nothing. If this causes people to seek out the English translations of the original BBS/Chat posts, then cool. If this causes people to clamor to Fuji-TV to put the season out on DVD for us here in North America, even cooler. (Yes it's out there in Bit Torrent land...I won't lead you by the hand to it but y'all here are Otaku, you know the drill...)

Anyway, the commentary and background you and Machiyama Tomohiro and Ms. Jay Tack did is indeed worth the price of admission, in spite of the inferior nature of the movie. It's a lecture in Otakuism by three of its most esteemed scholars. Forget what I said about it being inferior...buy it!!! You won't be sorry!!! KITAAA!!!

drat..."Hermess" was known in the TV series as Aoyama, not Aomori. Gomen nasai...

I got this from Netflix and checked it out today. As Ms. Geek pointed out the commentary track is truly amazing. I'll be picking up my own copy soon even though the TV series is the superior of the two.

Am I the only anime podcaster who hasn't interviewed you yet Patrick?

No, I haven't interviewed him either. And I want to. Really, really want to.


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