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It looks like it's on the schedule twice today, so I'm not sure if it's just a recast of same episode, or if they are showing the first 2 episodes.

If I may suggest English subtitles for this image, they would read "I tell you friends, Satan is here in the studio, I can feel his presence, working his spirit amongst these maids!"

Im still waiting for someone to make a GIF of your moe outburst, then I can die in peaece.

"No matter what anyone says, this is 燃え, not 萌え."
—Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, on AIM FOR THE TOP! 2

Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Thus begins the Maciasism of America.

Our battlecry: "FUCK MOE! GIVE ME GODMAN!"

Do you think my cable company will respond well to a simple "gimme dat," Patrick?


I jumped out from behind the door and yelled "moe". There was no echo, no maids appeared, and my wife threw something at me. Stuff that works on TV never works in real life...

Congrats! Now to get cable again.

Unfortunately I have Comcast and it looks like I have to bump my subscription up another 25 bucks to watch Japan TV!

Maybe they will release your show on DVD?

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