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Aww, man. Why do all these awesome books have to be Japan only?

I mean I understand the realities of the market and all that stuff, and that it's written for a Japanese market, thus making it unsuitable for American publications, etc, etc, but that doesn't me I don't want to read it.

Good luck with the book, though!

I second Cap'n Dave. A vote also goes to Uncle Carl (Horn). Hmmm...seems like Otaku Unite redux...

In addition to Tim Eldred and Ardith Carlton (reachable right there in Japan at Hobbylink Japan) (and I assume both are already on 'the list'), a not so obvious one would be Meri Davis (ex Hazelwood, ex Wakefield, her maiden name escapes me at the moment), the creator and chair of Project: A-kon in Dallas.

Creating a con is hard enough, keeping it running for 18 years is hell on Earth, throwing OTHER events in addition to is insane. Some might argue that A-Kon isn't so much an anime con anymore, but ya know, it's still running, and it still shows anime, so I think that counts for something.

Yeah but Michael Pinto was publishing anime fanzines way before Ardith Carlton or Steve Harrison came on the scene. Although it was impressive that 'Space Fanzine Yamato' did feature professional typesetting and cute centerfold...

Well, I wasn't suggesting Ardith because of Space Fanzine, but because per the post, she's a fan who made good...co-authorship of Robotech Art 1,the articles she's had published in a comic mag or two, her current job at HLJ...turned her otakuhood into work and stuff, ya know?

Is any of the people you are interviewing in the states from Anime Expo? I would also suggest talking to Laurine White. Probally Trish and Toshi as well for the late 80-90's stuff.

I implore you to look no further than I, Daniel Zelter. I've been known to do "baka otaku" things like; use an Oriental moniker on forums such as Gatsu or Yang Wang, I once performed the exhausting task of marathoning four episodes of Puni Poni Princess (only taking a scant 20 minute break inbetween each episode)in a row, I've been known to get a little wild and down an entire order of California rolls (yikes!), I once stood a mere 10 feet away from Japanese cinema master Zhang Yimou (shockingly handsome), I have remained "pure" (as mother would say) for the last 28 years, and I was the first on my block to read TokyoPop's entire Ameri-manga library.

I can be contacted at [email protected] (I sweat and get the shakes while on the phone, so please do not request to speak directly to me), or you could always drop me a line at the In & Out Burger on Sunset. Domo Arigato!

Sorry Charlie. There's only room enough for one Daniel in the book.

Daniel "Ruggles" Tanner III, that is!

"Look at my nightstand, and pick the paperback up
Nostradamus, I'm readin' chapter after chapter
Predictions of the end of the world, and after."
--Scarface, "In My Time"

Hey Carl,

33 1/3 Books is currently looking for proposals. I think you are a shoo-in to write the one for the Geto Boys self-titled album, bein' from Texas and all. However, I would like dibs on Bushwick's "Phantom of the Rapera."


It's all starting to get a little fuzzy, but I should say that my family and I are from the LBC, although I did live in Texas for over eight years and consider it to be my second state.

Carl's paranoid, sleepin' with his finga on the trigga....

I would like to see ADV Films adopt as their official slogan, "Look on your motherfucking map and find Texas/And see where Houston at."

Hey Mr. Zelter,

Do you have stairs in your house?

Patrick, will you be able to do a panel at fanimecon 2007?

Danielle: That's a good question. I sometimes wonder how many readers of this blog are protected myself.

I'm definitely egotistical enough to nominate myself for this project, but rational enough to know that I'm just not that interesting to write about. I nominate Daryl Surat!

I think I can say my life's changed for the worst when I came into contact with anime/manga, but I'm not from the US ;D

ps. I cannot wait until I can put my grubby hands on a copy of Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno.

"Yeah but Michael Pinto was publishing anime fanzines way before Ardith Carlton or Steve Harrison came on the scene."

Yeah, but what has Mike Pinto done for us lately? By the time I got on the scene it was "Well, there used to be this Star Blazers club in New York..." Hell, I had to join the Earth Defense Command to get my fix. You got any idea how humiliating it is to tell people the name of your anime club is the "Earth Defense Command"?

Try "Cartoon/Fantasy Organization," and don't forget the slash, or face an editorial in SHOP TALK. What's mind-blowing about that name is that if you asked anime fans today to come up with a good name for a club--or one that sounded like its main order of business was Japanese animation--they would have never come up with it in a million years.

I think the 'fantasy' part of C/FO was the furries.

Yeah, the EDC was kinda goofy, and I accept my share of the blame for helping Derek with some of it, but hey, I was just trying to help...because sure as heck I wasn't gonna start a club, no way no how (records of the mayfly life of C/FO West Michigan notwithstanding..shhh...)

I have had an epiphany. Jerry Fellows was Ishiguro, Ardith was Matsumoto, and I...was Nishizaki.

Holy fuck. my mind is blown.

I third Cap'n Dave. Does the "short list" include Fred Patton, Matt Greenfield, Robert Woodhead, Toren Smith? I just send out an email about this American Otaku Legends to some people whom I think are legends, or who may pass it on to someone they consider to be legends.

Is Daniel Zelter serious, or was he joking? Anyone who considers Zhang Yimou to be a "Japanese cinema master" is either kidding, or has serious problems with his understanding of Japanese culture.

Add Laurine to the list, guys. :)

Hey, someone needs to contact/interview Steve Perle (pearl?) PDQ...he's had some bad bad health issues recently and...well. From what I've read and what I know of such things, sooner is better than later, dig?

Reported as requested, Genreral. Godspeed!

http://divalea.livejournal.com What about Lea Hernandez? Longtime manga retouch artist, one of the earliest [possibly first] artists to create a digest sized b+w manga style graphic novel with her Texas Steampunk books, and a former Gainax USA vice-president.

Also, Jan Scott Frazier.

I'm Canadian, so I don't think I'd count, plus I've only been into anime for..... 8 years now? I feel too newbie [despite the scary anime and manga collections]

Oh, and Colleen Doran, who while she was in her early Pro-days, contributed to Patalliro Saiyuki fanzines in the US.
http://adistantsoil.com/blog/?p=881 She's mostly know for her comics work, but she's a long time otaku. Then there's her how to draw Shojo book.....

I don't suppose the fact that I have practice tomorrow for my club's presentation of the Haruhi dance makes me crazy, does it? :)

None of you have any idea who Haruhi is anyway...

I'll let my considerably more obsessive friends from cjas.org know.

I am writing my doctoral dissertation on the pedagogical processes that take place in North American anime fandom. More specifically, what and how are anime fans learning about Japanese culture within intersecting fandom and macrosocial contexts? You can have a look at my curricula/vitae and past essays to see if I'm of interest to include in your book. Good luck in your task, in any case!

>None of you have any idea who Haruhi is anyway...

It all starts to get a little hazy for us after BRAIGER.

I think anyone contained within this video would make a worthy candidate:


Though knowing Patrick's insatiable need to perpetuate the idea of "social outcast in America = superstar in Japan" in order to guarantee the proliferation of DeviantArt/Keenspace webcomics as well as "OEL," I think this gentleman is more to his liking:


Contact information available upon request.

Heck yes Cap'n Dave, Carl Horn and Jan Scott Frazier!

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