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You will destroy people's minds with the English Sasaki song. You are now one of 8 people who even knew that existed.

But, like the crook at the start of the movie 'Dirty Harry'..."hey, man...I GOTS ta know!"

What Blue Noah book did you score? There weren't a lot published...

Talk about unexpected birthday presents, huh?

"Short of finding Johnny Mnemonic or something..."

"Guardian? Fuck that. Gordian."

"I wouldn't give anyone this shit for anything. This shit is priceless."

"There's so much love here. There's so much love."

"You're not expected to give money to them. The producers are."

In the confusion, I'm seeing Jesus up there on that Biglobe ad. Doesn't she look a little like Jesus, the Jesus of supermercado prayer candles?

I had a mental image of the opening scene of PERFECT BLUE as you two hung about the idol event. All the tunes sounded like a satire of idol music, except of course it was, presumably, real idol music.

I learned the terms "manzuri" and "senzuri" from Jack Seward's incredible 1993 monograph JAPANESE EROTICISM ("...The verb 'hazukashimeru' usually means to humiliate or put to shame, but the meaning here is to rape, abuse, ravage...") which as you will recall was reviewed in PULP. Seward, who was decorated personally by the Showa Emperor (Order of the Sacred Treasure, Third Class--perhaps he was docked a few points for writing so much on porno manga) is a man I always visualize as an elder drawn by Ikegami, the kind who every few panels flashes a lewd gleam back in three-quarters view.

I had such a recent Kabuki-cho moment of strangers' generosity in the even more unlikely precincts of the Crowne Plaza Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ. This was the site of MangaNEXT, the smallest convention I've ever been to (population 1,070), yet there was love there. On the final day someone plunked down a cardboard box by the flyer table full of issues--issues in perfect condition--of SHONEN SUNDAY from 1983. I flipped to see that the inside front cover ad was for a "Zentrady Word Text Book," which was designed to help you practice writing the language of humanity's giant friends with a set of multi-colored, wheel-adjusted rubber stamps--like the kind they use to punch today's date on your passport, except these bear the U.N. Spacy logo and the stamp belts are covered in rows of "Zentrady" glyphs. SUNDAY, of course, was a pretty mainstream magazine--and presumably intended for the younger set as every kanji inside was bedecked with rubies, and another full-page ad showed two kids urging you to spend a giant 100 yen coin on Kabaya's line of Big One Gum toys, which were not chewable. Is it possible that MACROSS was always intended to be a show watched by 12 year old kids, not 36 year old otaku? At this point allow me to imitate Patrick exclaiming "What are you trying to say, Carl?"

I'm most excited to hear the episode in which Matt finally finds Johnny Mnemonic.

Yeah, but with Matt's luck he'd find 'Johnny Pneumatic', a porn movie...

Carl, I always wanted that Zentradi character stamp set. It was SO STUPID that I deeply craved it. It was a 500 Yen product made by Nichimo.

It destroys my mind that I have an ad that takes the English/Zentradi characters and puts it all on a table to allow you to render Kana into Zentradi.

There's a very very sick part of me that wants to turn this into a Trutype font...not that I know HOW to do that, but I want to...

Damn, the glue has dried out on my Macross Super Plastic Model Manual v.1.

Oh, crud! Here's an amazing ad for some TOTALLY CRAPPY Ohsato toys!

Ah, memories..

Yes, that must be the same ad, for it had the same chart. The history of fake alien languages in anime is a bit hit-and-miss. And sometimes it depends on delivery. In the MACROSS movie, Breetai sounded dead butch, but the Zentraedi grunts who bust into the SDF-1 at the beginning shrieking "Zentron i Meltron!" sound like they're ready to dress a few windows. I'm not trying to come down on them for being gay, of course--I mean, in their society, what choice do they have?

I saw you on 'eigo de shabera night'
It kind of blew my mind.
Do you have to say that a lot? Like daily?

About as much as "Nama o hitotsu kudasai."

Patrick - have you seen the US's new heat ray weapon? It is straight out of Godzilla.


Your podcasts are incredibly entertaining. It actually made me order your book. Keep up the good work. You and Matt should have your own radio show or something.

Hey - where is the Godzilla themed bar you mention in this episode or episode 15? Does it have a webpage or something?

The place is called Gojira-ya and is near Koenji station in that weird maze of old bars nearby. Upstairs is the overpriced, but nice to browse, Gojira-ya store full of antique toys and bromide cards.

Good podcast, looking forward to next installment!

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