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I think I shall declare tonight NAMPA(!) night in Louisville.

To summarize: if you want to pick up a girl, try to make sure you're good-looking first.

If not try to be interesting-looking. Wait, is that possible dressed like that!?!

Also: remember to wear socks. This is crucial, people!

someone translated all this for u?? you must have friends with lots of free time! Pretty funny survey

Man, you haven't lived until you've nampa'd the dirty looking ones....

It's all about the Gyaku-Nampa...

Protip: You're guaranteed an easy Nanpa if you're white (looking). Patrick could pull it off, provided he went to 109-2 beforehand.

That is so incredibly hilarious.

I would totally sleep with Patrick if he NAMPA-ed me.

“Do you know where my penguin went?”

Is this some kind of sexual innuendo that was lost in translation?

I wouldn't mind a guy hitting on me, as long as he is HOT. Bring it on.

don't be so slutty Aki

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