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Gah, if only I still lived in DC!

By the way, get my email?

Are you going to Katsucon, dude? I'm gonna be there, it's on president's day weekend.

I'm only going to be on the east coast until the weekend, sadly. But I plan on coming down for as many cons as I can during summer in the name of "research" for the next book.

Patrick...San Diego Comic-Con International? Is Comic-Con on your schedule of Summer con-going? Can a grrl hope?

Warning in advance about AX this year: they were bursting at the seams last year at Anaheim. How they are going to do it at the Long Beach Convention Center, a facility 25% the size of ACC, is a mystery to me. I guarantee it will be a train wreck.

Then again, SDCCI is threatening to burst the seams of the San Diego Convention Center. 120,000 people at its peak last year, and they had to shut down on-site registration by order of the Fire Marshal. It might be a train wreck there too this year. Oh well...

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