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I hope there are plenty of seizure-free Doller pix!!

It's interesting to see the different things people cover in these reports. While looking at the females figures is all well and good, it's nice to see the other things that make appearances at WanFasu.

After looking at that overflowing table pic, I could only think one thing.

"Goddamnit, I want those Ultra Eyes."

Seriously, it's been like a childhood dream. Maybe someday -_-

They came off an Ultra Seven pachinko machine and were not sold in store. Matt is friends with the dealer and could probably hook you up.

" 'ShodaiGoji' seemed to be the most popular design for kaiju fans to choose from this season, with 'KinGoji' following closely behind. What the hell am I talking about? If you know, go and take a look in the mirror. There before you is a big fucking nerd."

lol... Guilty as charged! I even know who scultped and sells that kit of "ShodaiGoji" (the incomparable Yuuji Sakai).

Too rich for my blood, $$-wise, though. I'll have to settle for the big, 2 foot Paradise version - woo-hoo!

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