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Congratulations and well done, sir, well done!

Will your editorship be patterned after Perry White or J.J.Jamison? Or maybe more like the Japanese manga editor, where you drive to the writer's house to shout in his ear "PRODUCE! PRODUCE!" and wack him with a bamboo kendo sword...

Cool, shall look out for it in the next solicitation on Previews.

Just a thought: is there a hierarchy of snobbery among non-Japanese otakus? (e.g. ethnic East Asian otakus looking down on their non-East Asian brethren, just like how Arab Muslims think they're superior to non-Arab Muslims?)

This sounds kinda cool. But I doubt such a niché magazine will ever make it to Norway.

Anyway: Congratulations! Sounds like you yet again answered the question in the sub-header :P

I will buy this magazine, Patrick :-)

I'll echo the congrats above. I'm looking forward to it!

I am _SO_ there...

Congratulations Patrick!!

The Children of Greenhaven are crying tears of joy!

Awesome news! "An Eternal Thought..." has been my primary Japanese pop-culture fix for the last few years, so I think you're the only one who could do this right.

Congratulations! This looks excellent already, I can't wait to see it on the stands in the summer.

This sounds really awesome. Newtype has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth for awhile, so I'm all over this.

I will only buy this product if Steve Harrison is employed in some capacity. And that Matt Alt kid, too.

I hope it's a grown-up version of NewType USA with like, a Pulp flavor, and also, a lower subscription price than NewType.

At risk of starting a cascade or sounding like some internet whiny butt...

I *AM* Available.....

*eh HNNNN*


I expect the content to be MANNLLYYYY!


Finally more people with taste are reaching positions of power! Skull-crushing power!!

So where do we pitch ideas? I mean... subscribe?

Awesome! Where do I get my subscription?

I'm hoping for J.J. Jameson style, myself.

This is the greatest news of 2007!!!!

Sweet! I am SO there.

Are you going to be flogging it at San Diego Comic-Con?

What can I say? Fantastic, fantastic news!

when you say dvd's with full length anime, do you mean subbed, raw, or dubbed? and the manga? who handles the translations?

I also vote for Pulp style against the overly shonen ai/shoujo sap filled Newtype USA. Sure, you're reflecting current trends but we need to teach the kids respeck for both old things and the ol' ultraviolence.

Might I recommend a multipage cover story of Reiko the Zombie Shop?

I'll only buy it if these Steve Harrison and Matt Alt fellows AREN'T involved...

What th'!?

That's it! soon as Patrick ships me a Masked Bakuc mask I've COMIN' FOR YA! STEEL CAGE MATCH IN VEGAS, YEAAAAAAAHH BOOOY!

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