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The first few minutes of that film were great, but after he catches the train it sort of all goes downhill from there. People tend to diss Yoshinobu Nishizaki, but I wonder if the pressure from him made Matsumoto do better work on the Yamato series? Call me a die-hard Star Blazers fan, but the other Matsumoto work never quite measured up to me. I think the best he ever did on his own was the first Harlock series, which I enjoyed watching back in the day on WNJU.

Gee, I haven't been to the Shinjuku Wald 9 since...EVER! Ha! But...

I would go to this. I would think about all the second guessing I would do over NOT going. I loves me some big screen anime. The though of MAYBE them hauling out a beat up 35mm print, with reel change marks and splices all over makes me giddy. Oh, sure, I love to watch a movie that's perfect, but there's something...emotional about watching a somewhat used print. There's a connection with the past somehow.

I say down a bottle or two of Liptovan (or that V drink Ahhnald promotes) and solider on!

If I were there? I would SO berate you if you didn't go.

Look, don't you want to see with your own eyes who ELSE shows up for it? Call it research if you must.

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