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To: Deep cover agent 1980PM "Ginga Baato"

Your report is concise and complete, Headquarters is pleased with the information you have collected. Expect a pay grade bump upon your return.

Specific subjects addressed for discussion:

Matsumoto's Penis: It is known that he has had his penis replaced with a mechanical one in the 1980s. It is covered in glowing dials and guages. This has prevented him from getting oral sex for decades and this clearly affected his mind re. 'Yamato Ownership suit'.

Japanese Nationalism: Plans proceed apace, the cartoon mascots for the JSDF are performing well. Soon they will be able to reveal their secret storehouse of Markalights, Maser tanks and flying battleships. The cover story of 'earthquakes' and 'tsunamis' on the northern shores are working well to hide the training exercises.

Be Forever Yamato is a documentary.

Research has proven that as long as you do NOT put on a Captain's Hat and sit under the plaque of Capt. Okita, you are safe. Feel free to indulge.

Well done, Silver Bat! You are a credit to the team!

Gen. Harrison

personal message appended:

Good lord in a rowboat!

I thought the Gamilas Sofubi was rockin' my soul but...but..that hat...that hat...calls to me.

The gentleman making the Mecha Colli kits that BANDAI DIDN'T MAKE is my soul brother. Are those really plastic?! They look plastic, not resin!


As cool as Tori-san is, I am VERY rocked by that kit of the Cosmo-Wolf fighter. Fuck me blind that is pretty.

Man, I so need to get money and go to Japan...

thank you Patrick. It's like I was there. Now do the podcast. :)

Space Wolf. Space Wolf fighter. I fail. I walk the road of shame.

Special Message Special Message Special Message

To: Silver Bat

Nishizaki is in the wind. Current Location unknown. Suggest using your cover cf. Tokyo Eye to investigate.

We must know what Nishizaki is up to and which side he is on.

Message ends.

All those Yamato mecha goodies look yummy! It feels like the 80s all over again...

"Research has proven that as long as you do NOT put on a Captain's Hat and sit under the plaque of Capt. Okita, you are safe."
That is absolutely right! Notice doesn't Kodai didn't put the hat on. The Kancho-dairi knows what's up.

Please ignore my grammar mistake from previous post. I now hold my head in shame.

Piffil. I make more spelling mistakes and grammar errors than everyone else who posts on Patrick's blog combined.

Such as that sentence.

And in case anyone argues the 'Curse of the Captain's Hat' on the Yamato...there WAS an episode of Yamato III where Kodai was wearing his hat...and the ship took a hit and he was wounded by flying glass (or something)!

So there!

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