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Amazing! One of the few none-moe kei coverage of Wonfest.

It appears that there's no pure hardcore sci-fi/mecha/tokusatsu conventions any more.

Btw, is there any buzz among Japanese Macross/Mospeada fans regarding Harmony Gold's release of "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles"?

Oh no, I see Suzumiya Haruhi eyes in that last image. Poor Haruhi :(

Also, I am a sexual pervert!


Wow. Also, "If you know, go and take a look in the mirror. There before you is a big fucking nerd."


At first I wondered why people would try to shield their faces, figuring that attendees at Wonder Fest would be beyond all that, then I looked closer and realized one of the people in line was Kenji Kosaka.

We stand on the shoulders of giants:


There's a Gundam mask in that pop culture melange table photo - I bought one like it at Spencer's Gifts in Cumberland Mall back in the 80s. Still have it, the silver paint is beginning to crack and the elastic band has long since snapped.

Wonderfest looks wonderful, except for the sex freaks everywhere. No wonder their birthrate is zero, too much crazy porn everywhere messing with their hormone levels, diluting their precious bodily fluids.

Where can I get one of those do it yourself doller kits?

>Where can I get one of those do it yourself doller kits

At Wonderfestival, natch!

That doesn't help me, wrong side of the planet ;-;

" 'ShodaiGoji' seemed to be the most popular design for kaiju fans to choose from this season, with 'KinGoji' following closely behind. What the hell am I talking about? If you know, go and take a look in the mirror. There before you is a big fucking nerd."

lol... Guilty as charged! I even know who scultped and sells that kit of "ShodaiGoji" (the incomparable Yuuji Sakai).

Too rich for my blood, $$-wise, though. I'll have to settle for the big, 2 foot Paradise version - woo-hoo!

Those box covers of Godzilla and the Matango-man on the tricycles are some of the weirdest images I've ever seen.

"At the same table were the winners of the 'Most Obscure Spacecrafts From a Film or Television Production' award: a selection of ships from 'Sayonara Jupiter.' "

Oh my god: SAYONARA JUPITER just came out on R1 DVD. It's got to be the most demented film I've ever seen. I couldn't even get through it...!

Oops - that was me that posted that disparaging post Re: SAYONARA JUPITER above. Just so ya' know...



Oh, I am so jealous of you.

I really love the country Japan... they have a lot of events going on... I wish I could go there..=(

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