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hello, Mr.Macias.

im your fun!
i've listened to the radio that you performed with Tomo Machiyama and watched you in tv program of NHK that named "eigo de shaberanaito"(it means also "let's speak English" ).
im impressed by your Iapanese and Otaku skills.
especially, erotic Japanese Kowledge, wow!

well, i saw you in akiba today.
you wear sunglasses, aint you?
for a moment I could not believe my eyes, it was doubtebly you.
i wanna called you but its a lil moment and we just passed each other.

i hope your activity, good luck!

[email protected],Japan

I am impressed by it... I guess ~ I would run fast but in the end the guy must be happy to be able to do that.

Nice shot. That guy was picking his nose last time I saw him in Kanda, too.

"I choose you, pick-a-chew!"

Hi Ryo! Thanks for the kind words. Please come and say hi the next time you see me! I'll be wearing a big yellow Pikachu suit!

Dear Patrick,

I know you hate modern anime, but won't you please please see Code Geass? It has lots of people fighting with robots in it, I swear.



I fancy him...but I know he doesn't because i'm not 4 sai... just TOO old...

That's not even a Pikachu. He's a low level Raichu.

I wonder if those fliers say "have you seen Lt. Surge??... Last seen in Pokemon Red... Vermillion City"

Was this fellow hired by a rival to Cosplay Yakiniku, rather than by Cosplay Yakiniku itself? I'm reminded of a candidate for the California State Assembly who came up with the idea of hiring disheveled bums to go door-to-door in suburban neighborhoods...passing out his opponent's flyers.

Do you think I can pick up that outfit at Neiman Marcus? I'm getting a woody just looking at it.

Homeless Pikachu wears sneakers made by slaves. A Bathing Ape he is not.

This guy works in Kanda, I live there, I see him everyday. If you want to see him, basically go to the North Exit from Kanda JR Station at dinner time, he is there EVERYDAY. Sometimes there are low level yakuza and dodgy girls hanging with him too. Its funny.

Dude, if you live in Kanda, please go to the cosplay yakiniku joint and report back!

I have been to said yakiniku joint. The food is average but I remember the girls being nice. :3

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