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Patrick! Not you too! Not...Masked Bakuc!!

Altho I could so easily see that mask becoming the new 'Bitch Hat' for photos at various cons in the U.S.

If you wear the mask of Masked Bakuc, you must grimice like Captain Terror from Speed Racer!


Take a wild guess. How many America-jin do you think know who the hell Masked Bakuc is?

I fear making a guess. It's a test, right? Like snatching the pebble from your palm?

I mean, if you mean "How many America-jin know who Masked Bakuc is and what he is supposed to be about" I would say...4 people.

So what do I win? or does this mark me for DEATH?

(please be a job please be a job please be a job...am I saying this out loud? crap)

This mask should be on the cover of Otaku USA so that the readers will know what to expect!

Oh, no, Gilles, oh no...you do not want what Masked Bakuc represents to be pushed to the forefront..

If (unnamed company) went forward with their original plans, I would bet they would present that mask as a pack-on for the first issue....

I should say no more on this. It would likely be seen as a mark against me.

A quick Google search revealed to me the secret behind Masked Bakuc... and I have to say my life is all the more richer for it.

He's my hero.

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