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Congrats. A perfect person to do the first published review. Tho' I would have liked more on the bad girls.

This book has many potential audiences and I hope it does well with all of them and gives you the leisure to pursue other writing projects. A book on sukeban in reality, manga, movies and anime would be nice.

BTW I showed my review copy to Roland Kelts when he was in town a few days ago. He enjoyed it and hopes to do a review himself.

Thumbs up! But until the last paragraph Richie's piece is more of a fashion summary than an actual review of the book.

In some ways it kind of reminds me of his review of Helen McCarthy's Miyazaki book from a while back:
In it he gets way off track with his obvious biases against anime while barely even touching on what Helen actually wrote.

The thing is Richie *actually remembers* the age when early gal tribes like the Sukeban and Takenokozoku walked the earth. If we'd made any major boo-boos about them, I'd like to think he wouldn't have let us get away with it. Still, I don't know how often he checks out the heels and baby tees at Shibuya109...

Well. As much as I agree that the review didn't touch the book itself too much, it still makes me want to check it out. Maybe not as much as your original announcement, but still.

Also, now I know a place I need to check out when going to Tokyo in may. *grin*

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