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I want a Char Aznable credit card. That'd be the most badass thing ever, next to being Char Aznable.

Dangerous. Most dangerous.

I figured Masked Bakuc could have had it built in a hair shy of five minutes.

"Patrick is forming the crotch with Bakuc."

Matt is much more handsome than I would've guessed from his nerd-talk in the audio version of HToS.

Who got to keep the Gundam after you built it?

"In Japan, Gundam builds YOU!"

Thanks to the power of my iMac G5, I was able to watch this madness. I am filled with envy, just for the bizzare nature of it all.

I have to say, I felt a little let down by the performance of Masked Bakuc. He seemed befuddled, unsure, hesitant, and that's not what I expect from my masked wrestlers. If nothing else I expected to see more 'hands on' with the building of the beast. Encouraging, praising, blah blah blah. Maybe he did and it ended up on the cutting room floor.

Did the previously released Zaku have a 'sound brain' too? I don't recall that ever being mentioned.

Snarky comment time: In my day, giant robot toys made from shampoo bottle plastic were pre-assembled and cost like $20, not 3 large... :)

Some day, I want to win at life enough to do things like build giant plamo with a masked hero. And have a Char Aznable credit card, of course.

I pre-ordered the SHADOW WARRIORS box set and just found out that you did the liner notes. They need to have you do some commentary tracks for these DVDs. Looking forward to some Sonny Chiba goodness...

Danno! Thanks a mint for pre-ordering the SHADOW WARRIORS box set. Gore, female nudity, and Sonny Chiba are featured prominently in *every single episode* so I'm very much convinced that it is one of the best television shows ever made by human beings. Please convince all your pals to pick it up too! BCI is ready to release the other seasons of the show if the response is $ensational enough!

Hey! I did my part! I bought the Sister Streetfighter box set!

Is there any hope for a Streetfighter box set? I've noted with confusion that the movies don't seem to be on DVD even in Japan (and I don't count the various PD releases as 'real' DVDs, altho the Platinum 'stand alone' release is pretty decent for the dubbed version)

Gaaaa, I can't remember, was Platinum one of the various brandings that BCI used before they were bought by Navarre?

Anyway, when it comes out, if I have the money, I'm buying Shadow Warriors. BCI/Navarre needs to pimp it more.

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