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Not "godfather," god. Kamisama no manga. Everyday, everyone should get up, face towards his birthplace and bow.

The Youtube Censorship Association aka NAMBLA took down your friend's trailer for SHOGUN TORTURE which lost out to the great trailer for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

And what happened to "I'll start work on a full length "Dinner With Tamba" post as soon as these maids leave me alone." circa September 28, 2006? He was a G-Man!

I think Mr. Koike would be the Godfather of manga.

I just checked the original text I sent to the magazine, and I had Tezuka as "God of Manga."

Honest, I did.

I figured you did Mr. Macias. I've seen other articles where they refer to Tezuka as the "godfather" out of what I would assume to be monotheism bias. I guess they figure the anglos don't know of the Japanese tradition of having gods of & inside of pretty much everything and so they flip out at this sort of thing.

I dunno about that--I mean, Gloria Stavers referred to Jim Morrison as "the god of Rock and Cock." And she was editor-in-chief of SIXTEEN.

Sure, there's rock gods, but you don't hear the title associated with much else like Jordan, god of basketball or Federer, god of tennis, to name two. At least they didn't change it to "the Walt Disney of Japan."

Does anybody know if Hartaki Man (oh god.. I probally spelled it wrong) and Sakuran will get released in the states? I want to buy the tankobans but I am afraid if start that it will get annouced (like what happen with Sugar Sugar Rune!).

I am just glad more of her books are coming out here..

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