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Twenny six clams or thereabouts? That makes it in the ballpark of 3000 Yen? Seems about right for that type of book over there.

So talk to the Tower Manager and arrange a signing! maybe you could get JAM Project to do something too.

Hey, Mr. Big Time Editor in Chief, you gonna be ruling from your secret base in Nihon or you slumming your way back to the States?

I'm really happy for you. I think this is gonna be something important, something really more than just 'another magazine'.

I recently began to "subscribe" to your blog and I am enjoying it a lot.
I want to check this book out big time.
Can I buy it online now?

You can pre-order the book through Amazon using the link provided in this entry. Thanks and happy shopping!!

I loled at the comment. Nice marketing, Macias!

3000 yen isn't too bad. Especially with the weak yen these days.

If we get a copy, are you going to sign it? Also, I will be buying it for the pictures of wacky kids in funny outfits.

Don't let me down! MASSUGU GO!!

Someone at Chronicle Books probably figures sales in Japan won't have any effect on the May US release which is timed to maximize sales for the summer reading season.

Hum this reminds me I better get my review done and sent in.

Review summary:
Folks buy this book, you don't even have to think, just buy it!

Where the US has 'seasons' to release books, Japan doesn't, so if the book is printed and sitting in a warehouse, why not sell it in Japan already? That's what we do with the SBP/Yohan Classics.

Now, I've see the book already and it is excellent!

Also, whilst in Tokyo, did you get to pay the $3.5K for a face-to-fake-face with Jacko?


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