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All this needs is a megamix of Jackie Chan's greatest hits for visuals. More fodder for video fun over the Summer. Gotta love "Whip It" by the Zapp Band (not the unrelated DEVO song) in Mandarin. Or is it Cantonese?

This should probably an extra for OTAKU USA.

I'm just wondering what type of Asian Dance Club would play this song. :P

The real challenge for true blue Canto-pop otaku is identifying every single reference in there. Hiroko picked out a Koji Kikkawa riff a few minutes in, then there was that manic Dschinghis Khan cover...

Whoever made that CD cover must (or has a very high probability of) being a South East Asian - the word 'rojak' gave him/her away.

Oh, and the whole thing is in Cantonese, except for a small snippet near the end where there's Mandarin, followed by Hokkien.

Sorry for the double comment.

But what does it all MEAN?

Yeah. "Rojak" is a term particular to Singapore and Malaysia. It's the name of a salad dish drenched in brown prawn paste. Rojak is used to described things mixed together.

The word 'Rojak' is also reminiscent of a robot jacked up on drugs. Much like a club goer who would actually boogie to this track.

So the bad guy from Space Giants is named for a SALAD?!

I am feeling so let down now...

I am a huge nerd, but around 7:20 to 8:20 is it just me, or do you hear the part right before the chorus and the chorus of the Eve song "Sentimental Behind My Back" from Megazone 23 Part One? It's like they messed it up a little, but I'm pretty sure that's the same song...

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