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This set sneaked up on me, and now it's out of stock at my two most frequented online retailers (DDD and DVDPacific). Well, I don't imagine restocking a new title will take long, so I got in my order anyway.

I definitely like the idea of an entire season being issued in one blow, and I wish Zatoichi TV were presented as such, especially now that its trickle has apparently dried up. DVD publishers must surely realize that Complete ~Anything~ makes buffs crazy with longing.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this one -- and to reading your always entertaining and factually informative prose, Patrick. ^_^

Shadow Warriors has shown at local Best Buys, priced at $57.99 (ow), but they throw in a bonus disc of a pair of Sonny Chiba samurai films.

No show at FYE.

So at least there's SOME B & M presense out there.

Which movies are on that Best Buy bonus disc, Steve?

I got my tracking number for my order this morning. Can't hardly wait...

I totally forgot this was coming out! Thanks for the heads up. I also didn't know you were involved with it either which is extra cool. Time to go spend more money...

Sheeet, here I was thinking I would get my budget under control!

Well at least this month I didn't buy any kabuki DVD discs so I guess I can justify this. What! Wait! Patrick did the liner notes!? I'm sold!

Hum, I'll be in Nihonmachi this weekend for the Cherry Blossom Festival, guess I'll be looking for this then.

DVDAsian.com has Shadow Warriors in stock for $59.95.

Free shipping if you go for media mail, but media can take up to a month to arrive. I forked out an extra $4-5 for Priority.

Patrick-san Gambarre... job well done "Faithfull Servant" we are so very glad that you have a "good-go"at the "linernotes of "Sensei" Sonny JJ Chiba's "Kage no Gundan"... Now we are getting ready for our:Molokai's own "First Annual (Bi-monthly) Chiba/Shihomi/Kurata/Sanada Ohana Style Film & Music Festival... Thank-you so very much-perfect timing for the "heads-up on the saving price of "Sensei's" and "Sempai's" Shaddow Warriors... Continue-on with the "Good-Works" that you are doing! Oh! did you know that "Best-Action-Girl" Etsuko-sama is being made a proud mother- her eldest daughter "AYANE-san has made her "first-film/starring-role" Debut. Look foward to the Best-Dramatic-Action that she will "Bring-it-On" with Saiko des"- Like Mother, Like Daughter"- OK! .... Again, Mahalo Plenty for you fine "truthfull" sevice. Me Ke Aloha Pumehana Jais' (aka Iruka Saito)... "GOD-SPEED!!!

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