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Can you or any one of your readers help me out with this (naive) question?


I don't really have any answers, about anything, but here is some fascinating food for thought (forwarded from Matt Alt):


Thanks to you and Matt for the tips. I devoted a post to you and then found a few more people who might have something interesting to say about it. I'm using the extremely proactive technique of hoping they google their names....

Hey I can get your book now for the low, low price of $48.27!


Ha! I'd like this non-existent "hardcover" version...

The hell?! retail $16.95, best price $48 and change?

Oh wait...I bet I know...bought it from Tower Japan and is reselling it, thinking he's clever by beating street date.

Doesn't explain the hardcover tag, of course. But scammers tend to be very stupid...

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