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It demands pictures of rad Wonderfest purchases!

Matt walked away with all them prizes. I just bought some ratty old Yamato stickers, which now proudly adorn my compu-tor.

The security guards had "MOE" jackets? Or are those cosplayers pretending to be "MOE"-jacket-wearing security guards?

There is no such thing as 'ratty' or 'old' Yamato stickers. They're 'pre-experenced' and make your items appear to have been in your ownership since the early '80s.

If I had any balls I'd take my vintage 1980 Galaxy Express 999 sew-on patch and stitch it to my Old Navy tanker's jacket. The shining face of Hoshino Tetsuro would look rad on my shoulder. In your FACE machine empire!

i'm kind of hooked on your podcast even though i don't give a shit about models or manga or anything you talk about. mega-macs, maybe. anyway, what was the song at the end of this one? and that version of "it's cold outside" you ended with before, was that the choir? it sounded different.

The ending theme this time is "You May Dream" by Sheena and the Rockkets. "It's Cold Outside" was a cover by Tokyo's number one garage band (The Bawdies, notwithstanding), The Minnesota Voodoo Men. Thanks for listening.

>>i'm kind of hooked on your podcast even though i don't give a shit about models or manga or anything you talk about.

Ah, well, I think you're on to what makes Patrick's reportage stand out in a world frozen over with overexposure. Take away the models and manga and you've still got his (and Matt's) style, which alone is well worth listening to.

"Frank from Kotobukiya," eh? I'm doing a little something with him--six degrees of separation and all that.

thanks, patrick. the music on the podcast is always great - if you're ever lazy and don't feel like talking, i for one would enjoy a whole show dedicated to your favourite tunes. i've been picking up GS collections every time I visit Japan, and have a pretty decent grip on the spiders and the carnabeats now, but your picks are always suprises to me and invariably leave me wondering who the hell they're by.

and yeah, even though I don't give (much of) a shit about manga and models, etc. I do give a shit about tokyo and pop culture, but every time I've been there it's been solo or with japanese friends, which is great of course - but none of the tokyo craziness registers much to tokyo natives, so it's frustrating not to have anyone to say "holy fucking shit, did you just see that dude in the schoolgirl drag and green wig next to the octopus ball vendor?" to... not that that would raise your eyebrows much either, i suppose. but anyway it's nice to eavesdrop on a couple of well-informed gaijin (no offense intended) on a stroll though those insane beautiful streets soaking it all in.

sorry to ramble on, but i didn't want my "I don't give a shit..." comment to sound dismissive - and to let you know that your explorations of tokyo street culture outside of the manga/model/otaku realm are also appreciated, at least by one listener & reader.

take it easy. i look forward to the next hot tears.

Actually, I seem to recall a Hot Tears that was all music. Wasn't that like episode 12 or so?

but you have to be willing to go past just indie bands and dip into the power and wonder of the '70s/'80s anisong.

The Wandaba song is MUCH more cool than the show itself. Just sayin'.

I was tripped out that The Wellwater Conspiracy covered The Spiders, The Carnabeats, and Syd Barrett on the same album.

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