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Now what red-blooded Japanese boy would refuse to wear those trunks? They still have the tag on them!

I would totally wear them if they came in my size. Sadly, by Japanese clothing standards I would likely have to shop in the 'Sumo' section....

I'm expecting to stumble across a 'Landsell' (Japanese school backpack) with Yamato detailing any day now. Oh man, I would totally buy that to bring to cons. I should start casting about for those vintage 'Flight bag/ Gym Bag' that Academy did for the fan club members. And that vintage alumi bento box, the super cool one.

Man I have no life. Thinking school bags (if it exists) and gym bags are cool because of a cheap ass logo branded on them...


Any thoughts on why Yuki isn't wearing her regulation yellow Star Force uniform?

Ummmmm...limitations of the 'puffy vinyl' process? Something to do with limited color pallet? Because the yellow of the uniform would blend into the exhaust and her hair?

Or that is actually from the FUTURE and that's not Yuki but Sasha!

Actually, It very well could be an 'out of time' artifact. Note it's an Arrivederci, Yamato style art image yet it's clearly a 'first Yamato' license!

Wow, and it could be a 'bootleg' even with the ©Academy mark. That tag is a direct copy of the English Drama LP cover, yet the Yamato itself is in the style of the 'New Journey' LP cover.

My brain hurts.

Who is the giant among men who has the English Drama LP?

Who has the English Drama LP? Well, I do....it's what I do. Tim might have it as well.

It's...well, it's not good. It's a prime example of why the Japanese should NEVER be allowed to oversee transliteration work of their own product. I don't know how the JAL dub of Lupin III Mystery of Mamo is as f'sking brilliant and wonderful as it is.

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