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What do you need written? I can give a short summary here:

Animation was fantastic and extra cool for deviating far enough from the manga norm. The sketchier approach, I think, enabled them to have more movement throughout. But despite it being placed in an engrossing, detailed world, the story was very simple and disappointing when it all adds up. At least in Ghibli movies they get the zen rolling - even if the endings don't make much sense sometimes. But this story(imho) was an attempt at expressing something HUGE that doesn't add up that way, sadly enough. The action is cool, but the story was not very sophisticated. The characters were pretty cool and I enjoy the detail they go into and how they don't mind taking time to develop those details. To compare to Ghibli again: I think Ghibli is original and fantastic, but there are definitely some ideas borrowed from Moebius(from France), and this studio too. In this movie the Chinese looking(WTF?) big, monstrous bad guy's outfits were straight out of Moebius. It holds its own anyways - possibly an homage? I guess the two main characters were in love? I kept expecting the younger boy to be revealed as a girl... ? The way all the other older characters love him too is the weirdest part. The fascination with this little boy was kinda questionable... ? I would have been more impressed if they had just made them totally gay instead of making me think the writer is extremely repressed.

I could do something on Gainax's new robot epic TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN...

I didn't mean to sound that harsh. I have more questions about this movie than opinions, so, in that sense, I will need to see it again. I'm interested in seeing it again to try to understand what it was really about, anyways. THe quality of the animation and artistry of the entire production was the best I've ever seen - totally amazing. I just read your interview with the director and it helped me understand a little bit more, but I'd like to hear his explanation about some of the other things I mentioned above.

You should speak with http://jasongray.blogspot.com/
I think he reviewed it in the past (like so many other movies). I saw it but couldn't review it well enough.

Thanks for the recommendation, Paul. I did talk a bit about it here: http://jasongray.blogspot.com/2006/11/okamoto-filmex-tekkon-kinkreet-resfest.html
but I don't really have the background in anime or the original manga to do a feature. There's a good discussion with the director on this forum: http://www.animationinsider.net/forums/showthread.php?p=421870#post421870
which I found out about from Pingmag's piece.

Looking forward to a press screening of 4˚C's "Genius Party" tomorrow.

I met someone yesterday who knew the Director, Michael Arias. I could look into it--

Quite a colorful pic on the official site for a series that used to be called Black & White. Can't say I cared for it much in Pulp, but if the anime version reminds you of Ghibli, I don't think it sounds very faithful to the original...unless Ghibli's next project is a Voyeurs Inc. movie.

It doesn't remind me of Ghibli - I was just using that for a particular a comparison.

Did you get someone to do this already? I have quite a few things to say about the not-quite-fully-Westernized narrative structure of the film, the technical achievements, the total lack of Korean names in the credits, a comparison to Steamboy, and ANN's coverage that praises everything but the American director. I write about manga for popcultureshock.com, the mangacast, and AWO can vouch for me. I'm writing something about Paprika for a local newspaper this weekend.

Hey Erin. Sounds great. Send samples to my email. otakuusa at gmail dot com.


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