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An insight into the writing process of Otaku USA's videogames section.

Nice Vectrex. You don't see too many Japanese ones. There are a couple on display at Super Potato in Akihabara that I saw on my recent trip. Of course I didn't have the funds to bring one back... :(

Gamelab in NYC has all of those things in their office... coolest goddamn office ever.

They have Negroes in their office? How dreadful!

That is such a cool pic ^^;

This great pic is taken from the videogame collectors book "Denshi Game '70 & '80/Videogame Collector Book" published few years ago. It's out of print but you can find in some online shops, in madarake and (non otaku) bookstores like the one in odaiba in Venus Fort)...

What's interesting about this ad is that I remember reading years ago in SHADOWS OF THE RISING SUN (one of those 1980s books that attempted to rally America to the Japanese threat, much like Dan Aykroyd's famous "eating raw fish with your best girl" speech in 1941) that a certain ad campaign using Muhammad Ali had been popular all around the world, but tanked in Japan, and that the explanation was that the Japanese didn't like to see color in their family tree.

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