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I don't know many anime nerds that stayed out all night in San Francisco and stumbled in drunk at 6 AM after a punk rock show, covered in bruises.

I have a feeling the punk rock thing pissed my parents off a lot more than watching anime or taking Japanese at school ever did. My mom was constantly complaining about that "torture chamber music" I listened to.

Also I don't think being an anime nerd or otaku or however you choose to characterize it is going to promote underaged sexual activity, but hey...

Uh oh, Patrick. This plus the American Library Association nomination means your book could be the start of some new trends in the States. If hordes of stinky "Kigurumin" in Pikachu costumes swarm American streets, we'll know who to blame...

Cartoonist Bob "Boze" Bell predicted back in the 1980s--more or less accurately, as it turned out--that the ultimate form of future teen rebellion would be converting to fundamentalist Islam. I remember he portrayed a middle-aged punk couple, dismayed as they look upon a mosh pit filled with whirling dervishes.

Actually, I did wonder if that will be the eventual effect...if all the little J-poppettes glomp onto JSI and suddenly decide there's more than cosplay, visual and Goth Loli they can do, dress up for a con...will Racoon Eyes sprout at conventions nationwide?

Naturally, the more copies you sell the better, but what of the Overtones?

Alas, Babylon!

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